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Below is a list of all 2017 dodcasts from The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X.

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Download 09-01-2017 :: Bonus Podcast! Most guests that pass through Radio X’s prestigious doors wouldn’t warrant a ‘breakaway Chris Moyles Show Monday afternoon podcast’. But then again, most guests aren’t the wonderfully talented and extremely likeable ED SHEERAN! So sit back, grab a cuppa, and listen to Chris and Ed have a good old natter about important stuff like his new album, and less important stuff like whether or not Mr Sheeran owes Chris a t-shirt.
Download 13-01-2017 :: Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ‘proper’ Chris Moyles Show Podcast of 2017 (although you’ll have heard our dulcet tones on the Ed Sheeran special, which was released earlier in the week, right? RIGHT? Good). Here’s what’s coming up on this week’s Pippa-less podcast. The Body Coach (AKA Joe Wicks) popped by to charm us into eating healthy food. It worked. Paul McKenna explains why he’s been leaving phallic images for Chris all over the Radio X office. PLUS, Dom endures a week from hell. Which just so happens to be hilarious. Enjoy!
Download 20-01-2017 :: Welcome along to another rip-roaring episode of The Chris Moyles Show podcast! It may be cold outside, but Chris and the team are here to warm you to the very core, in a completely normal and non-creepy way. Inside this week’s mammoth helping… Jack Whitehall pops by to talk about his ill-advised touring schedule, Dominic endures some very awkward phone calls with some of his biggest fans (why didn’t we do this sooner?!), PLUS we find out how Pippa’s marathon training is going… Enjoy!
Download 27-01-2017 :: Guten Tag! Welcome along to another top notch, jam-packed, action-filled and - let’s be honest - bloody hilarious edition of The Chris Moyles Show podcast! Within this week’s lol-fest… the always-brilliant Ewan McGregor popped by to chat about T2 (Trainspotting… not Terminator), Dominic is reunited with a long lost acquaintance, known only as ‘Boring Boris’, PLUS the whole team enjoy some very toxic treats! Get stuck in!
Download 03-02-2017 :: Allow It! Peak Times! Stop dissing my creps, fam! None of this will make any sense, until you hear the biggest and best podcast that The Chris Moyles Show has released in the last seven days…! And here it is… Russell Brand blessed us with his presence and a whole lotta laughs, Big Brother’s voiceover aficionado Marcus Bentley popped by, PLUS we’re getting down with the kids and learning some ‘Roadman Dialect!’
Download 10-02-2017 :: Stand by, everyone! This week’s Chris Moyles Show podcast is HOT HOT HOT! Not in the literal sense (if you are feeling a little hot whilst listening, that’s probably more to do with your central heating), but audibly… as Producer Dave Masterman blew our tiny little minds by eating the hottest chilli on the planet (he even took two bites, the arrogant so-and-so)! And if that wasn’t enough fun and games, here’s what else went down… the loveliest man in rock 'n' roll, GUY GARVEY, popped by for a chat, the nicest man in showbiz, BEN SHEPHARD, swung by, PLUS Chris confuses Bestival with an all-together different event. Enjoy…and then tell a friend, why don’t you??
Download 17-02-2017 :: If you’re a fan of awkward radio based around creepy listeners and desperately lonely presenters, then you’re in the right place! Although for legal reasons, we can’t possibly single out which listener or which presenter (although from listening to this very podcast, we’re sure you could have a good old guess). Elsewhere this week… Chris and the team question whether Hollywood A-lister DENZEL WASHINGTON is loving or hating his chat with Dom, KEANU REEVES has a very important announcement to make to an entire hotel room, PLUS, after last year, we’re treated to round 2 of Pippa’s NME Awards diary!
Download Birthday Show Special :: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are (belatedly) cordially invited to a big ol’ birthday bash for our leader (and digital radio saviour) Chris Moyles! You may not have been in the O2 Kentish Town Forum this morning but really you should be thanking us, as you didn’t have to witness Dom trying to warm up a live crowd with dairy jokes. So, grab your party hat and your poppers (not that sort) and enjoy the fun and party games in this very special BONUS Podcast. Coming up: All the highlights from the show, including a Storm Trooper, a smutty magazine and a ‘Sporty’ surprise! The team spend way too long chatting about life on the high seas on board an 80’s cruise ship. PLUS! A large selection of birthday messages from some A-listers who couldn’t be bothered to turn up. Don't forget to pick up your party bag on the way out!
Download 24-02-2017 :: As the age-old expression goes, you wait for one podcast, and then two come along at once. No one has actually ever said that, but it works in this instance, and this is the second Chris Moyles Show helping of the week! What a treat. Coming up in this cringe-worthy (yet hilarious) edition: Dom finally comes face-to-face with his one true love / stalker! Chris Tarrant is back! PLUS, Dominic doesn’t take too kindly to suggestions that he’s ‘getting on a bit’.
Download 03-03-2017 :: Welcome to a mammoth and monumental edition of The Chris Moyles Show Podcast, on your friendly neighbourhood Radio X! If woodwind instruments, nonsensical games and Dutch swear words are your kind of thing, then you’re in for one hell of a treat! Here’s what’s ‘going down’ (as the kids say) in this week’s edition… the stiletto-wielding Sharleen Spiteri swung by for a chat, LBC’s Steve Allen tell an incredible story about a fire exit, PLUS Andi Peters hit us with his number one pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday.
Download 17-03-2017 :: Hello dear podcast dweller, and welcome to what can only be described ‘all filler, no killer’, as The Chris Moyles Show takes a well-earned break! So sit back, grab a drink (but only a small one, as this particular podcast isn’t actually very long), and enjoy EXTRA BONUS ADDITIONAL CONTENT from Chris et al. Enjoy!
Download 24-03-2017 :: Guess who’s back… Back again… Chris is back… Tell a friend. (Seriously, though. Please DO tell a friend. We really do need all the listeners we can get…) That’s right, folks - The Chris Moyles team are back in action and raring to go! But, what do we have in store for you this week? Keith Lemon popped by, and very nearly brought about the show’s very first OFCOM complaint. Chris has been juiced to within an inch of his lie, and my lord, don’t we know about it. PLUS, comedy duo Abandoman amaze with their impressive improvised rapping skills! Enjoy!
Download 31-03-2017 :: From our daily listener Chris Moyles Show feedback seminars, we’re always told that we need to be doing more bingo calling from residential care homes on the outskirts of London… so that’s exactly what we’ve done (and we’re not even joking). Eye’s down, look in… it’s podcast time! Elsewhere… Chris welcomes (and develops a slight man-crush for) JUDE LAW, wordsmith and wonderful man RUSSELL BRAND popped by armed with a very important announcement, PLUS an unprecedented amount of love for Jimmy Nail (and why not?! He’s terrific). Enjoy!
Download 07-04-2017 :: Ladies and Gentlemen, please get yourself in a comfortable position – as you are in for a jam-packed, action-filled and, let’s face it, bloody awesome podcast this week. Don’t believe us? Well get your ears around this lot… ever wanted to know what happens when you give Chris Moyles a leaf blower? Well… you’re in luck my friends. By the end of this podcast, you will want one. As London Marathon preparations are well and truly underway, Dave and Pippa get a much-needed sports massage. To be honest, we only wanted to hear their weird noises of pain, and we got them. You’re welcome. Audio Producer Matt, will always remain ‘Audio Producer Matt’ as he brings to light a very random but hilarious game. Plus we say a fond farewell to our boy wonder, Dave Masterman. Oh, and of course, the usual ‘high brow’ humour alongside ‘sort-of’ appearances from Angry Manc, Dave’s wife Hannah and loads more Enjoy!
Download 14-04-2017 :: We don't know who you are. We don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, we can tell you, we don't have money. But what we do have, is very hilarious content. Content we have put together for an excellent podcast. A podcast that makes laughing discreetly in busy places a nightmare for people like you. If you listen to this podcast, then that will be the end of it. But if you don’t… well it’s your choice really, but please do listen, we could really do with the extra listeners If you’re wondering what the hell is going on here, I suggest you get your ears around podcast number 77. Here’s what’s involved in this week’s lol-fest… Dom’s long lost German penpal Boring Boris back and he comes bearing news… news which Dom is absolutely 'delighted' with and secretly hoping won’t come into fruition. Everyone’s favourite pub quiz host Rob DJ is on hand to give us some top-notch impressions. Chris does his favourite impression for Toby Tarrant’s dad. Dom’s dream of becoming a wedding DJ is slowly starting to become a reality as he submits his audition tape for the nation to hear. PLUS, more hilarious and slightly random content from Chris and the gang! Enjoy!
Download 21-04-2017 :: Yank it and crank it podcast fans. It’s time again to hit you square in between the eyes (testis if you’re Dominic Byrne) with another potentially award winning The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X podcast. In this week’s edition: Pippa gets surprised with, not one, but TWO mystery phone calls to help give her that final push before she takes on the mighty London Marathon. Dom brings lowers the tone, once again with his ‘nuns in a brothel’ metaphor while also talking about his swollen balls. We get a look inside the actors studio with Matt’s relationship with his in-laws. Plus, all the usual nonsense from Rob DJ, Dom’s letters and Pippa’s brand new game, - ‘legally different’ from Blankety Blank - Muckety Muck. Fasten your seatbelts, gang. Enjoy!
Download 28-04-2017 :: Did you know that if you download and subscribe to this Podcast, you become at least 56% cooler. Also if you listen to it twice, you will feel at least 34% happier. True facts. For more amazing, and to some extent pointless, facts wrap your ear lobes around this week’s uh-may-zing podcast. Also featured this week… the ever so talented Chris Pratt came in and told us about his confusion with the British tradition of finger sandwiches, Orlando Bloom popped in and impressed us by casually demolishing three Tunnocks Teacakes on the trot, and Kev came back to clear up some First Dates rumours! Plus, all the usual price-less features, such as Dom’s Letters, Muckety Muck and a new and potential one-time-only feature; Dom’s MUFS* *Made Up Facts. Enjoy!
Download 05-05-2017 :: Guys, we’ve made it! Podcast number 80. What a milestone! If you’ve been here since Podcast numero uno, well congratulations! You must either be a very dedicated fan, or a complete weirdo. Either way, we bloody love ya. If you haven’t listened to all podcasts 1 through to 80, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Get listening. Right, get your ears around this… it’s a good’un! Hollywood megastar, never-ageing, ever-so-handsome, Kevin Bacon joined us LIVE in the studio. We caught up our fave new plaything, Toby Tarrant, to see just how bleak his love life is, and how we can improve it. Our ‘tat’ cupboard of show crap is getting a big spring clean, meaning we have a lot of pointless stuff that needs rehoming. PLUS, all of the regular high brow and hilarious content including Dom’s Muf’s, Chris Tarrant impressions, and we visit that very, very awkward phone call with Diane Abbott. Enjoy!
Download 12-05-2017 :: The clash we’ve all been anticipating. The ultimate showdown. Moyles vs Peters... in... The TV Themes Game! Also in this week’s podcast, our big boss on Pointless Celebrities, Pippa gives out her number to a total stranger, and Dom’s Little Mix Dilemma. Enjoy!
Download 19-05-2017 :: I said a hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop, & you don't stop, a rock it out! That’s right rap gangsters, get ready as this week's podcast is a hip hoppin’ one of a kind (you’ll be thankful for this). Included in this mic-drop of a podcast: Audio producer Matt impresses the team with his grade A rapping skills. Dom has a HUGE crisis regarding his breakfast order. We relive the Radio X team night-out by listening to a very drunken audio clip. Plus all the usual nonsense from the team including Rob-DJ, our Spring Clean Giveaway, and more of Chris’ brilliant impressions. Keep it real, kids! Boom!
Download 26-05-2017 :: Hello, Chris Moyles lovers. You may or not be aware that Chris is off on his holibobs this week BUT fear not, we’ve only gone and recorded an extra special hilariously funny bonus podcast just for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy... Enjoy!
Download 02-06-2017 :: Hello to all dedicated fans of The Chris Moyles Show around the globe, here’s a little extra podcast for those who have been crying out for their Chris Moyles fix, with Pippa and Matt in the studio, and Chris and Dom ‘on location’ via the wonders of modern technology. Anyway, we’re back, LIVE, Monday. Enjoy!
Download 09-06-2017 :: Yo baby! Guess who’s back for a fresh new podcast, fam?! Apologies, we’ve been bitten by the hip hop bug this week, and here’s why… on this week’s big-in-the-game podcast: Dan Aykroyd, the original Ghostbuster, came in and was bloody brilliant, The Big Dog himself, Tim Westwood, popped for a visit (and now we’re all trying to speak gangsta), a biscuit thief hit the Radio X studio, and we’ve been looking for the culprit #biscuitgate! Plus all the usual childish, weird and wonderful nonsense. Enjoy!
Download 16-06-2017 :: If you’re a fan of cringing, pranking, dodgy impressions, show team members getting embarrassed, and, of course, laughing your socks off, then you are in for a treat this week. We have ticked all your entertainment boxes. This week’s podcasts includes a very ‘convincing’ prank on Pip, which all started from a drunken email about manspreading, some brilliant archive clips of Audio Producer Matt in his younger presenting years, and the discovery that Chris Martin was once a cockney geezer! Plus, all the usual bits and bobs from the team including more impressions, Love Island updates and the return of KEV!! Enjoy!
Download 23-06-2017 :: We don’t know what it is about the sun, but when it comes out that heat seems to make us all a little mischievous and delirious. Don’t believe us? Get your ear around this podcast, and you’ll soon get it! On this week’s podcast, Steve Carell and Chris decide to play a little prank on Kristin Wiig, who turns up late, the team also manage to prank Pippa AGAIN, as she accidentally slept in and missed the first 2 hours of the show, and more Love Island updates, including some brilliant impressions. PLUS, more of the usual, high brow but hilarious nonsense from the team. Enjoy!
Download 30-06-2017 :: Guess what? It was a prank-free week, but don’t worry we’ve still got a jam-packed (or is it ram-packed?) podcast full of top guests and entertaining nonsense to see you through… well whatever it is you need seeing through. On this week's podcast, Alice Cooper, one of the nicest guys in music, pops in. He's got some stories from who he's worked with… hell, he knew ELVIS. Eddie Izzard drops by to promote his new autobiography (although Dom is far more interested in just saying Eddie’s comedy punchlines, which don’t work. "FIVE RAN". See?). The Shipping Forecast makes its debut on the Chris Moyles show. Yes. But we give it our own mature twist. Enjoy!
Download 07-07-2017 :: We’re giving you this Podcast with Peace and Love, Peace and Love. Or alternatively, as Rob DJ likes to say... Pizza Love. Included in this week's podcast: Pre-Birthday Boy Jack Whitehall declared his love for Jeremy Kyle, and the team have gone Wimbledon crazy... CHOOCHOO! The longest radio competition ever in the history of radio took place, PLUS all the usual hilarious content, including Dom’s Letters, Toby Tarrant's terrible love life, hilarious impressions, plus loads more! Enjoy!
Download 14-07-2017 :: Hallo! Guten Tag! This week there is a German twang to the podcast and it’s well worth finding out why… so feast your ears on this, ‘cos boy ‘o boy, it’s a good-un. Coming up this week, we give Dom the surprise of his life reuniting him with his old foreign German exchange student, ‘Boring Boris’. Wimbledon fever means more listeners are shouting ‘CHOO CHOO ANDY’ – and we’ve found our favourite. As Pippa is getting ready for her big DJ set, the team talk her through some ‘brilliant’ song suggestions! PLUS, all the usual hilarious content from the show including more brilliant games, impressions, and another Toby Tarrant mishap. Enjoy!
Download 21-07-2017 :: Place your bets! The odds of Dom going to the gym are 40:1 so listen in to find out how to make the easiest gamble of your life. Coming up this week, the hi-tech lie-detector from Maplins gets dusted off as we find out the truth about Dom’s gym visits, Pippa gave her number out again - this time to her new best friend and ‘upcoming’ rap artist Elijah Brown who she met on the tube… for 5 minutes - Chris and the team make it their mission to spend an entire morning tormenting Capital Xtra presenter Jez Welham, PLUS all the usual games, silliness and standard Breakfast Show hilarity. Enjoy!
Download 28-07-2017 :: Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun… SHARRRK! (Sort of, it’ll all make sense in a bit.) Coming up this week: Kelly Jones takes time out from his glamorous hotel stay to tell us about brand new music from Stereophonics, Pippa faces her biggest ever fear in a ‘terrifying’ virtual reality shark cage experience (ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration), we’ve potentially got a 30 foot inflatable pub coming our way, and we asked YOU to name our soon-to-be legendary watering hole. PLUS all the regular fun with the team, sleep deprivation and overall Breakfast Show hysteria. Enjoy!
Download 04-08-2017 :: Who fancies boarding a cruise ship, with David Hasselhoff, heading around Italy, Spain and France?! Er, yes please! Coming up this week: find out whether The Hoff will be running around on his boat, in slow motion, in his budgie smugglers. Where does the forehead stop on a bald man? Dom has a facemask applied by our resident beautician, Pippa. Dom knows what to do when he makes eye contact with a body builder during his many (ahem) gym sessions. PLUS an in depth music analysis by Chris, the team ponder what voiceover artists REALLY do and they get invited to face even more fears (featuring more sharks!). Enjoy!
Download 11-08-2017 :: We only have three days to make up a whole weeks worth of podcasting goodness, so we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure you get your Chris Moyles Show fix while he swans off for 3 and a half weeks. (Internal crying.) Coming up this week: Chris digs for the hard news stories which affect Cornwall in their masses. How much sausage can you fit in your mouth? Probably not as much as Matt. Prosecco + Tequila = Pippa flashing her tickly bottom all weekend. PLUS Dom gets “down wid da kidz”, James is crap at Reverse Words and all the usual weekly chaos in more than an hours worth of perfectly crafted radio. Enjoy!
Purchase 06-10-2017 :: Radio X Presents... The Chris Moyles Show Pubcast! Want to know what it's like to sit in a pub with Chris Moyles and friends on a Wednesday afternoon…? Then download this very special charity podcast! Plied with a mix of lager, prosecco, beer and … skittle-bombs, The Chris Moyles Show team – accompanied by impressionist Jon Culshaw, Radio X's very own prankster Toby Tarrant and someone called Drunk Alan – sat in a London boozer one sunny afternoon in October and recorded… EVERYTHING. The result is over 60 minutes of no-holds-barred, expletive-ridden fun, courtesy of your favourite show! Recommended for people over the age of 18 only!