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Below is a list of all 2016 podcasts from The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X.

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Download 01-01-2016 :: A warm welcome to the first of two very special 'interim podcasts', courtesy of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X! Expect absolutely no edited content from the actual show, but instead, just 15 minutes or so of messing about to keep you all entertained until we're back in 2016. Enjoy!
Download 08-01-2016 :: In the absence of any original show content from The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, here's Bonus Podcast 2 of 2! Inside, expect a guest appearance from everyone's favourite 90's children's TV presenter, a drawn out conversation about dictionaries, and Pippa's teabag treat for Chris. Enjoy! P.S. We don't know what 'Throwing The Bull' means, either.
Download 15-01-2016 :: Welcome along to what may be the most jam-packed Chris Moyles Show podcast to date (there is no actual concrete evidence of this being a fact, so no clever comments, thanks...)! Within edition number 17... Chris is joined by GORDON RAMSAY and PAUL McKENNA (separately, obviously. That'd be a weird double header)! Pippa whips out her flute for another nonsensical game PLUS, the team try out their first (and possibly last) on air improvised sitcom, tentatively named 'The Tandoori Whispers'. Dive in!
Download 22-01-2016 :: What do you get if you cross a bunch of vague celebrity birthdays with colonic irrigations? The Chris Moyles Show Podcast, obviously! Not so much a joke. More a matter of fact. But what else can be found within episode 18? Why, let us tell you… Lovely US girl-of-the-moment ELLE KING swings by for a chat. Dave Masterman offers himself up for a colonic… a decision he may well regret. Only time will tell. Chris inadvertently gives Pippas’s mobile number out on air. We’re sure you can guess what happens next. PLUS, you’ll never guess how Chris used to order his takeaway pizza when he was on the slightly larger side… All this and more, ready for your expectant ears!
Download 29-01-2016 :: Welcome to The Chris Moyles Show Podcast! Carefully inserted into your inbox quicker and more promptly than Dave Masterman's recent Colonic... Not a clue what we're talking about? Then this is the podcast for you! But what else is inside (the podcast, that is. Not Dave's bowels)? Pippa spills the beans on yet another odd date. Dave Masterman undertakes a bizarre Q and A whilst having a tube shoved up his bottom. PLUS, the legendary Tim Westwood gets 'nuff respect! All this and loads more. Enjoy!
Download 05-02-2016 :: Hey, you... YEAH YOU! Do you like fun podcasts that'll make your life better on every single level? Well, you're in the right place! Within this week's Chris Moyles Show Podcast, here's what to expect... We chat to Friends (and now Top Gear) star Matt Le Blanc... who sounds a little bit like newsreader Dominic Byrne. Jack Black joins us in the studio to chat about his new film 'Goosebumps' and - rather surprisingly - curry. PLUS, Pippa's illegal visit to Paris... All this and loads more, ready for your eager ears!
Download 12-02-2016 :: Welcome along to what a lot of the industry (Producer Dave) are calling the best podcast in the world! And off the back of that glowing endorsement (albeit, off the person who makes the thing), let's see what's in store this week... We delve deep into Dom's Ball Bag for a game that was intended for our guest Paddy McGuinness. Our wonderful listeners blow Dom's mind with a DVD-based fact. PLUS, find out why Producer Dave's neighbours aren't best pleased with him at the moment... All this and loads more!
Download 19-02-2016 :: If you ever wanted to know just how drunk people get at swanky award ceremonies (namely, The NME Awards), then you're in the right place, As Chris and team track Pippa's 'eventful' midweek partying! Elsewhere within this week's Chris Moyles Show podcast... We say hello to 'Welsh Florence'... who sounds suspiciously like many other Dominic Byrne impressions. The team undertake a serious conversation about their favourite weather forecasters... No, seriously. PLUS, just how did Radio X's Vernon Kay 'woo' his lovely wife in the first place? Enjoy!
Download 26-02-2016 :: Welcome to a mammoth edition of The Chris Moyles Show podcast, jam-packed with 90 minutes worth of radio brilliance (in the most part). Inside... The brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen joins us for the first interview he's done as himself in over 18 years! Chris celebrates another birthday in style, with guests and surprises galore (no spoilers here, though!). PLUS, the always-great Keith Lemon popped in for a chat. Enjoy!
Download 04-03-2016 :: Welcome to The Chris Moyles Show Podcast (with a healthy smattering of Vernon Kay, due to Chris SELFISHLY taking a few days off for holiday. How dare he?!). So, within this hour-long audible treat, you'll be getting enthusiastically double teamed (so to speak) from two of Radio X's founding fathers! But, what can we expect? Dave and Pippa eat some absolutely horrendous 'food' (water beetle, anyone?), all in the name of 'fun' radio. Early morning LBC legend Steve Allen NEARLY becomes our newsreader for the morning. PLUS, all you need to know about... lambing (thanks Vernon). Enjoy!
Download 11-03-2016 :: Ladies and gentlemen... please sit back, and prepare yourselves for quite possibly the most random/entertaining Chris Moyles Show Podcast to date! Here's why... Chris reveals Dave Masterman's 'Flantastic' acting debut at the age of 10 Dom gets confused by whether or not it's illegal to 'film the news' PLUS, the team discuss the pros and cons of ... Jason Derulo All this, and (quite literally) loads more!
Download 18-03-2016 :: TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA! That’s right, as it was St Patrick’s Day this week, Chris and the team covered every stereotype in the book on Thursday’s show, to be sure. Aside from an abundance lazy stereotyping, there was lots more fun to be had: Dave Masterman treated the team to a one-off game of… CELEBRITY LEICESTER SQUARES! Pippa offered us an unusual ‘three-word review’ of the Walking On Cars gig that she went to PLUS, Dom offers Hillary Clinton some much-needed voice coaching. All this, and loads more great craic! Ok, that’s enough.
Download 25-03-2016 :: Welcome to a very special edition of The Chris Moyles Show Podcast (special in the sense that it's with you guys a day earlier than usual due to the Easter bank holiday... so in all honesty, not that special at all). But what can be found inside once you crack open our chocolatey outer shell (lazy egg/Easter analogy. Sorry!)? Chris welcomes BOY GEORGE into the studio for an extremely entertaining chat. We meet our new (and somewhat exuberant) intern, Josh (who sounds a lot like Dominic, if truth be told). PLUS, Chris and the team discover that wikipedia pages can be edited, leading to all sorts of childish mischief. Enjoy!