David Lloyd Vitty is officially the head writer/director of comedy on The Chris Moyles Show, although he is more commonly referred to as Chris’s "sidekick".

Dave was born on April 24th 1974 in Hong Kong where he attended Glenealy Junior School. He then moved to attend secondary school in Bedford, England between the age of 11 and 18, before going to college in Warrington from 1992 to 1995 studying a Media and Business course at North Cheshire College. Dave then landed a job at the BBC Monitoring Centre in Caversham, Berks where he worked as a researcher producing music copyright reports for Radio One. He joined Radio One in December 1996 to work as a technical operative. On his first day at the station Nicky Campbell threw a mini disc at his head, and soon after Dave pulled the Simon Mayo show off the air in a technical mishap which he says nearly ended his career.

Dave met Chris whilst working early mornings as the London based "button puncher" on Mark and Lard’s ill fated breakfast show. They got on with each other as mates, went to the pub (a lot), and were soon throwing ideas around. Eventually an opportunity came up to work as a broadcast assistant on Chris's 4-7am show. Dave took it, and the rest as they say is history.

The nickname "Comedy Dave" was originally suggested ironically by Moyles, to highlight the fact that Dave, er, wasn’t very funny. Although the tag stuck, we have since found out his original nickname was "Super-Dave". Dave has been an ever present on the show through the years, and has helped contribute some of its finest moments. His work includes devising spoof adverts, sketches and many of Chris's legendary song parodies.

Although his most famous feature is his daily Tedious Link (launched September 2002), he has also been the brains behind many other items, including hit quizzes Car Park Catchphrase and Viaduct - plus the less successful Frog Or Dog, King Of Tickets and Dave’s Dictionary Definitions.

His TV work includes co hosting The Chris Moyles Show on UK Play in 1998/99 (where he famously stuck carrots up his nose), plus appearances on Match of The Day 2 and Reverse-A-Word, a self devised quiz show piloted by Challenge TV in 2004. Dave has also been a founding member of short lived (and much missed) musical outfits Ghettolife and Folkface, playing with the latter at Glastonbury 2005.

Dave is also a passionate football fan and a big supporter of Everton FC. In 2001 and 2003 he helped raise over £300,000 for Comic Relief by collecting football memorabilia from across the country with Mark Chapman. Since 2003, the pair have also hosted their own show on Radio 1. Chappers and Dave were given an extended summer run in 2004 but can now usually be found filling weekend schedules. They also regularly perform DJ sets at venues across the UK, as part of their “World Tour”. Their latest tour dates can be found here on MySpace.

Although famous for sleeping with ugly women, Dave settled down and married fiancée Emma Pontefract on August 23rd 2003, however they divorced in September 2006.

He then married TV presenter Jayne Sharp who was formerly a runner on 'The Chris Moyles Show' and used to date Chris Evans. He split from her in April 2011.

Comedy Dave Trivia:

- He speaks a little Cantonese and used to work as a waiter

- He once had various stalkers

- He is famous for being rubbish at Maths

- He is managed by Noel Gay Management and not Dave Vitty Management

- If he could have any wish, it’d be Everton to win the Premiership

- If he could be any animal, he would be a giraffe