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JayE wrote:During the opening link from today’s show Chris revealed that Annie Mac is also on “the list”. She apparently said things about Chris that were out of order.

Remember an awkward handover where Chris said something about Annie’s tits in a handover when covering for Fearne and she cut him off and refused to chat for a few days
Recently started listening to radio x at work during the second lockdown, absolutely loving it. It's actually replaced daily drive of Spotify!

usually you get some radio hosts through the day you don't like but chris/toby/dan/johhny is fantastic.

absolutely loved the fermented heron segment on Chris moyles show the other week.

how you guys finding it?
MasonMusso wrote:Did something happen with Alfie? I know Chris mentioned she left and is still part of Global - but they unfollowed each other on social media and she is never mentioned anymore.

She was on the Christmas Day show, holding the talkback button for Sam while he opened his Secret Santa gift.
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