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This isn't the right place to post it but as it's really the only active thread now, just to mention that I discovered an already-edited Early Bit show from 1997 on mixcloud so I've edited it further and uploaded to the sound vault. It came out at about 30mins and the sound quality is not the best as I had to manually amplify the volume, but it's still a nice little find. ... ileid=3060
Like the post above this is also not the ideal thread but it’s the only active thread now unfortunately but on the rumour mill Greg James has a big thing planned for Monday’s breakfast show on Radio 1. With tick tock clues and the schedule descriptions blank on the website everyone on social media and unofficial mills is pointing towards another marathon show. Will be interesting to see if it is and if it is whether Moyles will mention it or even go in and visit!

Might be completely wrong but thought it was worth a little mention. 52 hour show was one of the best things that’s ever happens to UK radio imo.
Greg doesn't know what's happening and he's been told to pack an overnight bag. Doesn't sound like a marathon show to me (he'd have had to agree to it in advance to comply with R1's ridiculous health and safety rules), and if it is something like that, it's not being broadcast from the R1 studio. Also Chris slagged off Greg for playing Portugal. The Man after he'd been playing it for ages, so I really don't think he'd want to visit. I was amazed he recorded live links for the 50th anniversary show if I'm honest.
bmstinton93 wrote:Sounds to me like Big Weekend related. They usually announce the venue around now.

*cough* it's the borough in the middle of the country, you didn't hear that from me *cough*

BTW for those at all curious, it's an escape room. Nothing to do with a marathon show.
Wow its quiet in here these days
afraid to say I’ve almost stopped listening. usually watch the highlights on the Facebook page.
Didn’t even know Dave was back of the airwaves untill I had a catch up on here

Had a little smile to my self the other day when listening to radio1 and Chris stark found a picture of Mr moyles in Greg James house during the escape room feature
Randomisation20 wrote:Have to say I think the show is getting much much much better iover the last six months obviously pippa has invested a lot of time and increasing amount of content and drive of the show

The Show seems less drawn out than 16 /17 and is better for it

I agree, I listen most days now and enjoy it.. and while I don't usually listen for as long as I used to back when Chris was on R1, it's still good a lot of the time! (There are a few things that make me turn off though..!)
Randomisation20 wrote:Fart gags lol I would think although i I’m not being prudish about it I’m surprised they get away with the money collection on the letters feature without explaining where the money goes LOL

Yeah I’ve always thought that’s a bit off. Especially when they start trying to drum up money for that Make Some Noise thing.

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VMPhil wrote:Has Chris ever explained why he uses David Letterman’s old theme tune to end the show nowdays? Going back through the archive it appears he first used it back in April 2017.

Don't think so but I think he's it's most likely he's just a fan , like a few other British broadcasters, Jonathan Ross, Danny Baker and Chris Evans I think are all fans too.
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