Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
I edited a few shows (as J.E.D.) some years ago so I'm highly impressed with the effort ianpwilliams and neilt0 put in every day.

If you could easily edit Toby's shows then that would be great, mainly for completionism. Although saying that, today's show was quite amusing.
By James1989
:D Hi all, I just wanted to mention how amazing the full episode downloads are super super nostalgic. I did want to ask if there is any ware to download the full unedited versions (in particular 2004) with music etc just for the extra nuggets of nostalgia,I have seen there are a few up there. I completely understand if this isnt the best place to ask with the relation the copyright but all my google fu attempts have left me high and dry.

many thanks

Edit from Nicola: I've merged this from a separate topic into this thread as I thought you guys would probably know/remember better than I do if we have any full shows archived anywhere. Thanks :)
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