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bmstinton93 wrote:Did Chris mention on Saturday that their Saturday show gets more listeners than Dermot O Leary or did I mishear? Surely that can't be correct?

Last time I heard that stat, it was that they get more listeners than Dermot specifically in Manchester, which could be true. The graphs etc I saw this time were London only. It certainly won't be true that they get more listeners than Radio 2 nationwide at that time.
Harry Briggs wrote:Rebrand alert!! What do we think? I’m up for a change after the same main jingle for 2+ years. Also the cheesy intro at the start of the show finally dropped.

Only heard the first half hour but the cheesy intro should have been dumped long before now. I thought it was a nice nod to the past on the first show, but I was surprised they persisted with it beyond the first week or so.

I suspect their hand has been forced with the Sandy Beech news - Toby played it on the first day of cover I think, but not after the news broke last Monday and with that in mind, I think that outcome had probably been prepared for. That aside, the jingles needed a refresh anyway.
It’s a tiny change - probably done in house. Nowhere near enough effort, just makes it more in line with the rest of the station.

Weak if you ask me. Was looking forward to a refresh as there is nowhere near enough variation - considering how much they are played due to the appalling ads.
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