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By amykathleen2005
Does anyone else get the feeling that Dom is either separated or divorced. As far as I can tell he has never once mentioned his wife during the Radio X show, whereas she was always mentioned in the Radio 1 show. Any news or thoughts?
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By Nicola_Red
Yes, they are at least separated. It was noted several months ago that he no longer wears a wedding ring.
By AliJSmith
I've been wondering about this as well, as chris always took the mickey out of Dom for being scared of Nic, shame if it is true, Dom is a legend.
By Jrmarshall45
Sorry if this has been asked already but is dom still married been listening back to the radio x show since they came back and haven’t heard anything of his family at all.
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By Topher
I don't know, but I don't think it's necessarily anyone else's business - if he chooses not to talk about it, that's up to him.
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By Nicola_Red
Merged (that was a real throwback). C'mon guys, this topic was like fifth down on the main page, read at least a little bit before you start a new thread!


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