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Dom Prank U2 Call 12.01.17 [Download] | [YouTube] - U2 are back with a series of Joshua Tree shows this summer??? Has Dom???s dream come true?

And U2 Uberfan Dominic Byrne is well up for it.

Imagine his delight, then, when he received a phone call from someone from U2???s management company, Principle. Would Dom like to come to one of the shows? And maybe interview the band? Would he!?

Alas, things weren???t quite what they seemed???

Dom Apology Prank 13.01.17 [Download] | [YouTube] - Yesterday, Dom made un unfortunate slip of the tongue and ended up saying something a little NSFW.
However, the team at Radio X convinced him he had to record a very serious apology because of it.
Needless to say, it was a prank and Chris and Dave were very much in on it.
Poor Dom

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