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Aled do you remember the time when Dave was a bit drunk on the air and was doing maths? ... ileid=2811
Aled wrote:- and it wasn't them who sent it, it was an old-school security guy - it just didn't seem worth it.

I hope he isn't going to get away with it.
That is disgusting. How he can pretend that it isn't a copy of that photo is beyond belief.
Aled, had a thought on way in to work this morning... Now, I understand its perhaps a little late as a suggestion if its not already in place, but is there any sort of Moyles leaving mix from Mr Jaguar Skills?
Fathomer wrote:Oh my actual God, Aled.

If this doesnt mean Radio 1 ban Chris Browns records I dont know what will: ... hanna.html

You cannot ban someone's records from a radio station on the grounds that they have a dubious tattoo. Well, obviously they could, but it would be preposterous.
Nicola_Red wrote:
Fathomer wrote:Oh my actual God, Aled.

If this doesnt mean Radio 1 ban Chris Browns records I dont know what will: ... hanna.html

You cannot ban someone's records from a radio station on the grounds that they have a dubious tattoo. Well, obviously they could, but it would be preposterous.

In fairness I don't think it's just because of the tattoo he is (rightfully in my opinion) looking for a ban on Chris Brown records. I think it's the quite amazing culmination of things.
Hmm. While I think that domestic abuse is abhorrent - I feel that (much like paedophilia) it's been fetishised in main stream media to the point that people can't look at scenarios involving it from a rational point of view when contrasted with other crimes.

Yes he's a 'bad person', everyone has a right to abstain from buying his records and even to protest against him being played - such a high profile instance of domestic abuse should have killed his career but his music isn't based around domestic abuse. If we're to start banning artists based on criminal convictions then a lot of hip hop artists should be scratched from the Radio 1 playlist (Snooooooooooooo-ooooooo-ooooop).

But anyway, well off topic.

Aled, do you think that Chris' departure will bring a massive change in guest culture in Radio 1? I can't see Grimmy ever interviewing a Davina/Jimmy Carr or Keith Allen style guest in an off topic way, as the people he usually speaks to are very 'hip' and of the T4 presenter ilk.
Aled, me old china.... eTickets?!! Even i'm getting a twitch on now about printing it in time to leave (head off for London in 3 hours).

So very sorry to trouble you, sir.
Hey Aled :)
Just wanted to know if you'll be making an appearance on the Chris Moyles tour?
I'm getting my ticket on Friday and can't wait for it!
These last two shows are going to be hard to listen to, looking forward and dreading them in equal measure!
Agreed, absolutely superb. Lost count of the number of times I was close to tears.

A more general thanks to you as well Aled, for all the hard work over the years, and for engaging in the community on here, you really have gone above and beyond and driven the show forward so much. We love you Aled! :)
Thank you Aled for the brilant show. Absolutely brillant.

Thanks for all the hard work over the years and talking to us on here. We love you!!
Great, great show today. I sobbed constantly from about 7:30am. I saw Nicola in the audience but sadly didn't recognise anyone else - I imagine you were all together though.
Aled if you read this, a huge well done to you, Freya, Pippa and everyone else involved in putting together today's show. It was everything I hoped it would be and more! I nearly dropped my tea when I saw Ant and Dec! Lots of love to you all x
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By Aled
I am equally knackered after today so just haven't got the energy to reply to everyone - so for now, thank you for all your lovely comments. I'm so so pleased with how today's show went. Tomorrow is as opposite as is humanly possible - but should be as special as today's.

End of a chapter. One massive historic one in Radio broadcasting at that!
Aled, you're a * legend.

Thank you so much for the service you've given to the show, and the correspondence you've gave us here - far above and beyond the call of duty and something I have eternal respect to you for. Watching you well up when presenting the fans' book to Chris set me off, I have to admit, and reflected how much you care for the people here and the listeners to the show in particular. I can't think of any other producer on any other tinpot radio show in the country who would do the same - for most of them it's a dull job at a dull station. For you, we could all see it was the best job on the best show at the best station in the country, and the fact you went out of your way to make us all part of that is something I'm sure we're all grateful for.

Wishing you and your family the very best for the future.

Jamie. x
Aled. I would like to pass on my thanks. Not only for the fabulous 2 days live on camera. But also to yourself for the last 10 or so years you have worked with chris. Your friendship really shows in the show with the whole team. And i would like to.thank you for all your effort.

I hope you get to work with chris again. And stick around on and contribute. (although we all know you don't have too.)

Maybe we could rename the ask Aled thread to the Aled subsection of the forum. Kinda like the old website.
Thanks Aled for all you have be in control of a programme that I can only describe as slick/chaos, and to make it run smoothly-ish, must be like herding cats.

Appreciate you will probably be running your mum and dad back home soon (if your mum needs a wee by Junction 18, I'm 10 -15 mins off it on the M4 side of Bath) pop down for a comfort break and a cuppa.

As for your Dad, I can't even make a shepherds pie without thinking of him.


OOOohhh....I'm gonna miss you guys...sob :( :(
Dear Aled,

Guess this is the last time I'm going to communicate with you! Thanks so much for answering mundane, brilliant, odd, funny, quirky questions from CM listeners. Its been brilliant. You didn't have to do this, but you did that and that means a lot.

Particular thanks for the last couple of days as well- it has been the most perfect send off!

I will listen to you next on the Surgery- now GET SOME SLEEP.

For the final time,

Jack (Fathomer) xxx
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