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By Chris
1. Razorlight - Somewhere Else 7:00 NEWSBEAT 2. Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick 3. Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot 4. Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat 5. D12 - My Band 7:30 NEWSBEAT 6. Foo Fighters - Best Of You 7. Destiny's Child - Survivor 8. Uniting Nations - You & Me 9. Roll Deep - The Avenue 8:00 NEWSBEAT 10. Travis - Sing 11. Martin Solveig - Everybody 12. Daddy Yankee - Gasolina 8:30 NEWSBEAT 13. Coldplay - Speed Of Sound 14. Lemar - Don't Give It Up 15. Chemical Brothers - Galvanize 16. Run DMC & Aerosmith - Walk This Way (Tedious Link) 17. 2Pac - Ghetto Gospel 18. Oasis - The Importance Of Being Idle 19. Amerie - One Thing 9:30 NEWSBEAT 20. Stereophonics - Superman 21. Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On

Today's show got off to the now almost traditional bad start, as the clock hits 6:55, the nation tunes in to here Annie Mac's last tune of the day - Bodyrockers "I like the way you move" (only a few hours into the day and already that song is on it's 10th playing on Radio 1 alone) and then it hits us. Silence. Perhaps Chris won't be so * about walking into the studio just 10 seconds before the show starts in the future. Annie Mac did try and warn him that he wasn't properly faded up, but she fell for the trick of trying to tell him through soundproof glass.

Chris: We're doing this on purpose to make the show on a canal boat tomorrow sound even better!
Dave: Get your tapes out Sony Awards judges

Canal Antics & Aled Gets Into The Spirit

Chris and co are doing something a very summery thing this Friday, for Radio 1's summer Friday thing in case you hadn't heard. It's going on a Canal boat for tomorrow's show, and all the team are going up today in anticipation. Because Chris is off the booze though, it means he doesn't necessarily want to be with the rest of that rowdy rabble in a pub, so is taking a portable DVD player instead, which to me is very anti-social - especially when it's for the sake of your own show. However, Chris has lost weight already apparently so he must be doing something right.


Later on in the show Aled came into the studio dressed as a sailor, much to the delight of Rachel who could be heard erupting into a fit of giggles in the corner. He's dressed up in aid of tomorrow's water-bound trip and he thinks it's "quite cute". He's even got other outfits for the rest of the team to wear, such as pirate outfits, although Dave says that Aled can think again if he's going anywhere near that. It's times like this when you get sad that radio isn't a visual medium, especially when Chris topped it off with the classic "you've got a massive lump of chewing gum on your foot - Hello Sailor" gag.

Chris: No offence, but when you come in dressed like that, we're in no doubt…
Aled: Is this a bit gay?
Dave: Suddenly everything is clear….I said clear!

Other Stuff on Today's show

(*) Carrie had a bit of a late one last night - so much so that she's starting to sound like a man. Chris says that she must have been drinking Man Juice (gooood mornin') - but not that kind, the kind that turns you into a man. Obviously. Everyone else had been drinking as well, except Chris who's off the booze, especially since he'd "tret" himself to a load of Wonka Bars.

(*) Chris does porridge - or more specifically Ready Brek. He spent ages making it the other day, only to discover when he got it into his mouth that he didn't actually like it. It didn't give him a red outline either, as implied by the advert. Those lying scamps.


(*) Step kids in love - there's nothing wrong with it apparently, and Chris said all the people on the show were munters anyway. It was likened to some Eastender's story where an adopted person went out with their non-blood related brother. Shocking in a "who cares" kind of way.

(*) Scotty from Star Trek has sadly died, the team reveal. The Sun, as you would have expected, treated it really sensitively, with a cartoon saying "It's worse than that - he's dead, God". The World's biggest selling English language newspaper, everyone.

(*) More BB chat - I fast-forwarded that though. Something about the eviction tomorrow.

(*) Chris & Co sign a massive cricket bat - they sign just below Tony Blair to make sure they get maximum exposure when it's on TV.

(*) Radio 1 DJ's are doing a 'Stars in their Eyes' special in tribute to Colin of Colin & Edith fame being on it this weekend. Chris and Dave will be the Pet Shop Boys singing "Go West", and practised during Half Time. Not half bad, if I'm honest - although Dave might need Aled's sailor hat to get into character.

Tedious Link

Stolen from MC's tedious page - which can be found here as can the rest of the week's links

Primal Scream Movin' On Up - "Movin' on up" is what you might be doing if you were rockclimbing - Rockclimbing is the sporting theme behind the film "Cliffhanger", which starred Sylvester Stallone and former EastEnders actor Craig Fairbrass - Craig Fairbrass shares the same surname as both Richard Fairbrass and Fred Fairbrass, who were the two slaphead brothers in Right Said Fred - Right Said Fred had a 1991 hit with "I'm Too Sexy" - "Sexy Boy" was the title of a track by French act Air - Air is essential for humans to breathe - If you remove the last letter of the word "breathe" you get "breath", which is what you might see on a cold day - Another thing you might see on a cold day is a gritter - "Gritter" rhymes with "pitta", which is a type of Greek bread - Bread needs yeast in order for it to rise - "Rise To The Occasion" was a hit for Climie Fisher in the year 1987 - and if you rewind one year from 1987 you get to the year 1986, which is famous for many things, such as the World Cup in Mexico, Bob Geldof's knighthood, and of course the groundbreaking collaboration between Run DMC & Aerosmith, which resulted in the top 8 hit "Walk This Way" in September of that year - Which links us to Run DMC & Aerosmith and Walk This Way

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