Always wanted to know something about the show? This is the place to 'Ask Aled'!
By David
Aled wrote:
Aaron wrote:Do you like lego alot then Aled?

I used to like it when I was a kid, the evening's on the Where's Aled tour was a bit boring so when in Brighton I saw the Lego shop and I bought a kit.

If it wasnt deemed as sad I would get my lego out again and start playing with it. I had a nice Lego town setup on my bedroom floor once with a lego harbour and working lights and everything.... it was amazing!

By Toast
I love Lego, best toy ever, every kid should have it.

How does Chappers' arm feel?
By jimmy g
Aled wrote:
huckerby6 wrote:
MC wrote:I thought he just said he couldn't swim.

he said he couldnt swim on the first day but i heard chris saying something bout him being allergic to chlorine

Both, I'm allergic to chlorine, so as a kid I never got the chance to learn how to swim.

How about saline pools? You ought to learn, you might need to swim sometime.

Now you do the breakfast show do you get sent lots of stuff which you never use (like rubbish demos from bands)?
By jimmy g
Go on, share it anyway.

Has One Road Travel gone?
By Aaron
No, I'm sure I heard it this morning.
By Bridgie
Jimmy G wrote:Now you do the breakfast show do you get sent lots of stuff which you never use (like rubbish demos from bands)?

all radio stations get sent rubbish demos all the time.

if they get your name on their list they'll send you crap!!!
By Tom Holt
Jimmy G wrote: Has One Road Travel gone?

I think its only on the half hour newsbeat updates
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By Sionide
Aled! You've really got to get rid of that rat from your house, because before long - all it's buddies are gonna come down for a little party in the toilet, so i'm with Chris on this one, get rid of the thing! ;)
By Tom Holt
Aled! will you be going on holiday when Chris does in a couple of week's time?
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By Dickie
Hi Ron,

Record Companies is where i believe they get them from as you can't simply extract vocals from a track once it has been mastered.
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By fish heads

Did you just lie to Chris about your flatmates getting jobs, as you didn't want two random listeners moving in?
By David
it was all a setup... just like the Colin and Edith marrige thing.
By Aaron
Oh yeah, they were really going to let two random strangers move in weren't they.... :roll:
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By kendra k
aled, slightly (creepy) weird question here...

would you be flattered or weirded out if i (or somebody else) named a kid after you?

(note: this is only slightly creepy as alexander/alec is a family name. aled's not such a stretch from that, no?)
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By Adam
Aled - You there?
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By Sionide
I was about to say that, except I was gonna say:

Now the question we really need to ask is, Where's Aled?!?
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By LastChanc
Just listening to the Friday show as lately I haven't been able to at work due to a completely destroyed radio, and wondered...

What exactly is the story with Chris putting Aled to bed one night when they were in Portugal? Anyone care to expand on this?
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