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By David
Aled - this isn't a question. Just wanted to say thanks for everything.

Moyles has been a part of growing up for me. I'm 25 now and after next Friday I won't be a Radio 1 listener any more (I suspect that's what they want).

There's been good in my life. Bad in my life. Chris Moyles has always been there on the radio. I don't get as much of a chance to listen as I used to, but it seems a bit weird as of next Friday that it'll all be over.
Aled you may have seen this, you may have not, and I'm aware its not really a question, but I'm such a fan of the show I wanted you to see it. Edited down version of an article I wrote

In 2004, when my phone alarm was constantly failing I bought a good old fashioned alarm clock which woke me up with the Radio. And that was it, from that moment on The Chris Moyles Show, now moved to breakfast, was a part of my life.

Many within Radio argue the style of The Chris Moyles Show doesn’t include the listener. I couldn’t disagree more. By being honest, at times brutally honest, about matters that no other radio show host would dare to discuss on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, by talking about their day to day lives, I felt they were talking to me as a human being, I felt included in the conversation, part of the show. I didn’t feel like I was hearing something that had gone through hours of planning from Radio bosses who would analyse every second of the link to see whether it was ticking certain boxes, The Chris Moyles Show wasn’t fake, it was real life. The Chris Moyles Show dared to fight against the tedious music radio formula that has become the norm, and boy did they do it well.

Listening to the team was like listening to a family, a family that were always there for you in the mornings. If they had bad days and were grumpy they’d say, if they were giddy and full of life you’d hear it, and the show would sound that much more chaotic for it. Some say Moyles has a massive ego, and yeah they’re right, but he also is very clever and an outstanding broadcaster. Despite his name being above the door, he allowed the personalities of his team to shine through, and engineered chemistry that produced at times hilarious; at times cringe worthy and at times unmissable radio. Sure he was criticised for not playing enough music, but the show was that successful, that good, that it became bigger than the music. I found it far better to be entertained in the morning listening to high quality radio, rather than hearing a Rihanna track I’m going to hear 4 times or more on the rest of the days output. Sure I understand people wanting more music on a breakfast show, but The Moyles Show wasn’t for those people. It was for people who demanded more from Radio. And the Chris Moyles Show delivered, stayed fresh and relevant, for a phenomenal eight and a half years. What an achievement.

I could go on about what I loved about the show for pages. But most of all I want to say thank you. To Chris and the team for producing the greatest radio show, of what I think will be my generation. The Chris Moyles Show has been a significant part of the early stages of my life. It’s been there as I’ve gone from being a kid to becoming an adult, I’ve listened to it through some of the happiest, and some of the most difficult parts of my life. It’s never failed to make me smile, laugh, cry, think, shock me, or just keep me hooked. Forget Evans, Blackburn, Edmonds, The Chris Moyles Show was the greatest Radio 1 Breakfast Show and in my view the greatest radio show there’s ever been. Thanks Chris and the team, you’re show was more than just a show on the radio, it was part of my life. I’ll never forget The Chris Moyles Show.
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By Aled

Are you sure you didn't? Did you get an email that said no?

I asked that we sent out the emails today so that more people had a clear idea of how they were getting to London on Thursday if they got some, but also to put people out of their suspense and not have to wait the weekend.

As much as Chris' vision of crowds outside BH is a seductive one - it actually only serves our ego and very little else. I can tell you now, Chris will not hang around to meet people because we have plans of things we're doing straight after - the BBC, police and council will be very aware of the event going on and will be on high alert to keep crowds from building so I don't see it ending well as sad as that is for me to admit.

Yalding on Friday is a slightly different case, but even then I wouldn't recommend it.

I must admit even though I'm feeling obviously conflicting feelings I am dreading starting the week. It's going to be emotionally wrenching!
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By Aled
Deadly wrote:While it's a shame it would appear nobody here got a ticket I'm sure we all understood going into it that we had a very slim chance of getting one.

Have a great last week Aled.

So just to check - are we just being glass half empty - or have people on here ACTUALLY had an email saying 'no, sorry'?
Aled wrote:
Deadly wrote:While it's a shame it would appear nobody here got a ticket I'm sure we all understood going into it that we had a very slim chance of getting one.

Have a great last week Aled.

So just to check - are we just being glass half empty - or have people on here ACTUALLY had an email saying 'no, sorry'?

Im just going on the logic that when you don't win a competition or something similar you don't normally get informed.
Aled thanks for everything you have done

Did you know that the podcast is number 1 in iTunes chart.
aerowave wrote:
bmstinton93 wrote:I've had no email at all yet.

Same here, not received a yes or a no... yet.

Me neither.

Out of interest, do you know how many applications for tickets there were? I would have LOVED to have gone, but unfortunately I can't guarantee being able to make it, so I heeded your pleas and didn't apply.
You will find out Monday at 14:00 via e-mail (If I heard right from the show). I never even tried to apply as I have work that day but I will be up with my ears ready to listen to what will be the second most upsetting breakfast show in Radio 1s' history.
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