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By Chris
As mentioned on the news page some changes have been made to the way is hosted. We are now using a service from CloudFlare which is designed to protect and speed up this site and this forum which should improve page loading times and sharply reduce the number of active spammers.

As part of this change some analysis is performed when you first connect to the site and it's possible that a very small subset of users may see a challenge page before being granted access. This is nothing to be concerned about and you will still be able to access the site and forum as you always have, but first you will need to complete a captcha. You will also be given the option to send a message through the challenge page to request whitelisting of your IP address to prevent you needing to repeat the captcha process in the future. This additional page is necessary to stop automated bots from accessing the site.

The system may also show you the challenge page if there are indications that your machine is infected with a computer virus or malware. The best thing to do is to run an anti-virus scan on their machine as a precaution. There are, however, sometimes false positives with the data - the most common scenario being that you are connecting from a shared network like an office, college network or coffee shop where, although your computer isn't infected, someone else on the same network does have an issue. If this happens you should run an anti-virus scan as a precaution and if you have no virus or malware then you can use the captcha to gain access to the site.

If you have any issues using the site following the change, please let me know. Hopefully the only difference you should notice is increased speed, availability and reduced spam.
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By Chris
bmstinton93 wrote:This shouldn't affect mobile phones accessing it at all should it?

It's been active for the past four days, so you should already have seen any problems if they were to arise.

It shouldn't cause any issues to any specific device.
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By Chris
A couple of people have contacted me regarding issues with the chatroom which could be related to the hosting changes mentioned above. If you are having problems I'd appreciate if you could test instead of using the link on the site navigation bar. If it doesn't work for you immediately then please try again later as the change can take a short time to propagate.

Comments would be appreciated - better, worse or no different.
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By MK Chris
I know a couple of the others have said it's a lot more stable and Zoot seems to get logged out less (or he did last night, he's not there this morning); can't say I had any issues with the previous one to be honest.

By the way - is there a new mobile link, or is that the same?
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By Yudster
No difference for me.

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