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By Chris
1. S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Moving 2. Elton John – Are You Ready For Love 3. Tim Deluxe – Its Just Wont Do 4. Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot 5. Martin Soul – Everybody 6. Black Legend – You See The Trouble With Me 7. Jamiroquai – Seven Days 8. Ultra Nate – Free 9. Madonna – Holiday 10. Darude – Sandstorm 11. Greenday – American Idiot 12. United Nations – You And Me 13. Beyonce – Crazy In Love 14. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction 15. The Magic Numbers – Love Me Like You 16. Venga Boys – Were Going To Ibiza (Tedious) 17. De’Lacy – Hideaway 18. Felix – Don’t You Want Me 19. Underworld – Born Slippy 20. Gym and Tonic – Stardust 21. Spiller – Grovejet (If This Ain’t Love) 22. Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight) 23. The Ones – Flawless 24. Groove Armada – Super Stylin’ 25. Roger Sanchez – Another Chance 26. Arman Van Helden – Mymymy.

Chris and Dave are both knackered
The show opens this morning with big yawn from Chris saying how tired he is, Dave is also tired and cant understand why, “Its not like we were out on the pop last night” although it turns out Chris was. He told us about his exciting evening last night which involved pushing a Smart Car Convertible down to the pub, then going home and getting a Chinese, chicken curry with no onions and fried rice no less!

Radio 1 Summer Friday Thing
After a pretty desperate plea from a listener to play a song for his wife who might leave him, Chris officially opens the Radio 1 Summer Friday Thing. He says that he really doesn’t like the feature, until that is, Rachel calls him up first thing in the morning screaming “ITS FRIDAY” down the phone, and until he hears the Friday thing jingle, after that, its all good. Also today, Rachel seems to have gone all out for the occasion, having her eyebrows shaped, and her eyelashes tinted. After a quick comment on how Carries knockers look a treat in her little pink top We find out where Aled is today, last week he was in Lincoln, this week…

Aled’s in the Isle of Wight
Armed with Aled’s best dance hits, Aled is in the Isle of Wight in the Ice Cream Booth this time. Although, that’s not where he’s meant to be, they wanted him in the White Isle, another name for Ibiza, what a palaver, but if you believe that, you’d believe anything. So anyway, Aled is on the Isle of Wight, giving out more Roy Walker T-Shirts. Get the party started!

Summer Shuffle
I’m not to keen on this feature to be honest, the songs people have chosen so far haven’t been all that great, today’s was alright, Danny the turkey farmer who likes Green Day, and the Levellers, chose Madonna - Holiday. Quite random, but it was summery so its alright I guess.

Back with Aled
We rejoin Aled and he’s playing Wigfield – Saturday Night, getting everyone on the Isle in the party mood! Unfortunately though, only guys have been tuning up, so he’s running low on T-Shirts, so a ladies half hour is called for, with the same rules applied, if you’re aren’t fit, then don’t bother coming. Chris asks him to replace the Wigfield hit with something cooler, Aled promptly chooses a remake of “Sweet for me Sweet” by DJ Lewis. I have to say, this morning, Aled has been brilliant, not that he isn’t normally, but I think this morning has been really funny so far!

Davina McCall
She’s in the studio, and flashing Rachel! It’s the last night of Big Brother tonight, so she came in for a chat. Chris says he’ll gets all his pervy stuff out the way before she comes in to talk...which none of us believe! Upon entering, Chris gives a quick introduction to all the American listeners out there, and straight after that, Chris askes if Davina wants to see his bum, not pervy at all! Jokingly of course, but Davina wants to see it! So he gives a quick flash, and then compares it to the surface of Mars! What a nice thing to say about yourself! Davina thought picks up on the Mars thing, and links it to her not liking space travel and how it would be in her Room 101. She thinks it’s a waste of money, it could be used for greater things on this planet, like voting for who wins on Big Brother, Obviously!

They quickly start chatting about Big Brother, and how Kinga is so large on a wide screen TV, she spills out onto Channel 5 and ITV! Chris mentions how he went there with is mum and dad and was shocked at how small and chubby she actually was, and Davina adds that she is a beautiful small and chubby person…sorry, I just can’t see it myself. They continue casting opinions on the housemates, and question why Makosi is allowed the wig from the task, and why Derek had a watch, Davina knew the answer to neither. Davina brought up the point that Craig in her interview was really funny, happy, and excited, and then in BBLB’s interview with Dermot, he was really sad, I noticed that, he just didn’t seem to care. They continue talking about Big Brother and try to convince Chris to go on Celebrity Big Brother, he is adamant he doesn’t want to do it, but at the back of his mind, I think he does.

Davina and Dave’s Ramble
This morning, Davina joined Dave in shouting “Lets get ready to Ramble”, and I thought she did it quite well, it sounded weird when they kept switching beween the two of them, but it was funny still. They surprisingly continue to talk about Big Brother. Davina is told that she has been given the chance of speaking to the housemates at random later today, but she cant decide what to say to them. Chris really wants Davina to show Makosi how two faces she was, I agree, I couldn’t stand how two faced she was. She was terrible. They talk some more about what Davina will be wearing this evening for the show, Chris hazards a guess that it will be her usual black, but it isn’t! She chose this outfit though in the first week!

Just randomly, I hope Eugene wins, but I bet Anthony will snatch it.

Ibiza Undercovered
Throughout the show today, there have been 3 short sections about Ibiza, Similar to when Aled does his sections about Sunderland for example. I didn’t find these all that funny to be honest, but they were listenable.

Chris Mixing
During the golden hour today, Chris took it upon himself to do a bit of mixing, there was some speculation on the forum as to whether it was actually him or not doing the mixing, I think it was myself, and he did an alright job of it.

Aled Says Goodbye
Aled’s got rid of all the T-Shirts, and its now playing more chill out music, Geri Halliwel’s Lift Me Up is what we hear, he gives us a little sing song, and then is told to turn it off by Chris. We learn that Roy Walker is coming to the Isle of Wight today, and people will turn up to welcome him with their T-Shirts. Aled casts his vote on who he thinks will win, (Anthony) and Chris tells him to call Makosi a lying Bi-!

After goodbyes to Aled, Chris plays us out with a mix of Roger Sanchez – Another Chance and Arman Van Helden – Mymymy.

Ok, show is up

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