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By Chris
1. U2 - Beautiful Day 2. Pink feat. William Orbit - Feel Good Time 3. Will Smith - Summertime 4. Akon - Bananza (Belly Dancer) 5. Corner Shop - Brim Full Of Asher 6.Audio bullies - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 7. Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You 8. Vanity - Nasty Girl 9. LMC vs. U2 - Take Me To The Clouds Above 10. Energy 52 - Café Del Mar 11. Coldplay - Fix You 12. David Morales - Needin’ U! 13. Joss Stone - Super Duper Love 14. Dodgy - Staying Out For The Summer 15. Roll Deep - The Avenue 16. Foo Fighters - All My Life 17. Kym Sims - Steve Hurley (Tedious) 18. Rolling Stones - (I Can’t Get No) Satisfation 19. Gorillaz - 19-2000 Soul Childs Remix 20. Queen - Under Pressure 21.Faithless - God Is A DJ 22. Hair - Let The Sunshine In 23. Robbie Williams - Millennium 24. Bluetones - Slight Return 25. Go West - We Close Our Eyes 25. Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy 26. Aero smith - Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

Neighbours and Bad Weather
First of all, let me just introduce myself quickly, I’m Simon, and I’m your new Friday Show Reviewer…that’s enough of an introduction I think…on with the show.

So the show’s opening today left me in total confusion, the teams stunning impressions first of all led me to believe that I was listening to Dez Lynam, soon to be replaced by Dez from Neighbours who used to run the café with Daphne, but that’s another story, and alas, it was just one big joke, Chris’ impressions eh?!? One little quote that made me chuckle about said Dez from Neighbours was

Chris : Didn’t he go mad?
Dave: I don’t know, he has sticky out ears though didn’t he!

We also discover that Dave has been out last night, so he is feeling a little shattered today…poor Dave.

It’s Friday again today, and, its also summer, meaning only one thing, its “Radio 1 Summer Friday Thing”, and, as Chris rightly points out, we cant very well be feeling summery when its pouring down with rain outside. But, every merry Moyles attempts to lift our spirits with a quick impression of a comedy style horn, suggesting to wear springy eyed glasses, and changing the teams names to more…summery and wacky alternatives.

Comedy Dave = Crazy Radio 1 Summer Friday Dave
Dominic Byrne = Slaphead Byrne
Carrie = Boobs
Rachael = Keeps her as Rachael because she is the producer…it’s a good a reason as any.
Chris = Pete Dong

They Continue to discuss the weather, and Chris just really tries to get everyone into the Friday Summer mood, Dave eventually decides “He‘s up for it“!

So you may have heard about this Fred person (IF that’s his real name…he didn’t seem to sure himself), if you haven’t heard about it, I’ll give you a brief run down. Yesterday on the Scott Mills show, a guy called Fred called, he is a waiter in a restaurant, and Chris and his Girlfriend came in for a meal and only left a 20p tip, that’s right, 20p, can you believe the nerve of some people…well, actually no, because none of it is true. So, as Scott does, he decides to get Fred back with an elaborate prank Starring Chappers as “The Guy from News Of The World” and Mr Chris Moyles himself as the “Editor“. Hilarity aplenty ensued as they called up poor unsuspecting Fred to bust his little story wide open.

Chappers goes on and gets Fred all excited about “selling” his story to the paper, but to negotiate a price, he has to speak to the Editor (Sounds like something from the Matrix….shut up Simon)…so onto the Editor we go. The Editor, as I mentioned before, is played by Chris, his Northern Irish come Welsh come Pakistan accent, I thought, was class, it made me laugh anyway. So blissfully unaware, Fred speaks to Chris about how much his story will sell for, and gets more excited when Chris leads him to believe Chris was cheating! Chris eventually though suddenly changes, and confronts Fred, in total disbelief Fred hangs up., but not before Chris has a little go at him, asking what combo meal he had, and actually sounding pretty mad, brilliant in my opinion.

Aled’s In Lincoln, in an Ice-Cream Truck
Can I just start by asking, did anyone else think that Aled’s Summery Jingle, sounded more like something you’d play at Christmas time? Anyway…moving on.

Aled is in Lincoln today, giving out more Roy Walker Legend T-Shirts, why is he in Lincoln they ask, because their new Executive Producer Rees used to live there, so he has local knowledge, and because Jo Whiley is on a beach, Aled thought he’d be better off getting out and about,…nice answers, and to really boost that Friday Summer Feeling, Aled is in a lovely Ice-Cream truck, complete with Ice-Cream! Similar to last week, Aled promises Chris that he will only hand out T-Shirts to fit people, and not mingers, “a bit ugly is fine, but no Eugene’s”! Before we leave Aled, we’re treated to a short outburst from the song the Ice-Cream truck plays, It sounds absolutely terrible, and he promises to have a better one for when we rejoin him later.

But, when we do rejoin him, we find poor Aled in a bit of a pickle. Over 100 people have turned up for T-Shirts, and they only have about 45 left, Chris suggests he just drives off, but not before giving out a shirt to the fit girl at the front of the queue, and a few “Top Heavy Lovelies”.

Summer Shuffle
A caller on the line decided what song to play next from a small selection of “hits”…simple as.

Jodie from Ringwood in Hampshire, who unfortunately has pretty dull and grey weather is today’s Summer Shuffler, from the choice of 10 tracks available to her, she chooses Energy 52 - Café Del Mar, much to Chris’ disappointment who would have preferred the Beach-Boys - Good Vibrations, and myself who would have actually liked to hear All-Saints - Pure Shores. But, never mind, the song she chose was alright, and did drag me slightly into a more Friday Summer Feeling, or was that just Nostalgia…I cant tell.

New applications for the 24 Game
So for the 24 Game Competition the team have been running all week, today we got to listen to some more new applications for the prize of being digitised for the new 24 Game coming soon. First up today was Richard who got a big no from Chris, Dave questions what “Blonde Styled Hair” is which Richard claimed to have, before decided no also. Second up is Beeeev…I think, but she gets a no before she finishes her piece, as does the next person who we don’t even get to find out a name from. The next person, Nikky, Chris decided a no because she said boobies and ass in her piece, thinking he was stupid enough to fall for it, Dave however puts a question mark by her. The final person Dave says no, but Chris says maybe. Eventually they decided on Nikky and Richard to go through to the final, Myself I want Carol to win “My bum cheeks like cherries!!” but we’ll find out later in the show who wins.

Aled is now by a canal, still in Lincoln, still in the Ice-Cream van, he left the Grandstand earlier with 20 shirts left, and has decided the totty in Lincoln is better and in Blackpool. “There were some right mooses in Blackpool” according to Dave. That gave me a little chuckle!

Chris on Radio 1 in Newquay this weekend
Chris is feeling a little left out to say the least. He begins discussing with Rachael as to why this weekend several DJ’s are off to Newquay for the Summer Friday Thing, and when Radio 1 was in Mallorca, Scott Mills and co went as part of the Friday Thing, but when they get sent to a canal boat, its just them. The reason Rachael comes up with as to why that is? Because they’re special. That isn’t enough of an answer for Chris though, he continues to say how successful they’re doing at the minute, and how they go and reward them by keeping the team as far away from Newquay as possible!! Dave likes to think of them as a secret weapon the BBC are keeping aside!

Winner of the 24 Game
Could that have gone more balls up? He calls up the winner, asks for him, and then gets passed over to a Chris, not said Chris who won the Competition, but a different one, after asking a few questions, Moyles soon realise he’d dialled the wrong number!! With the excuse that it was “children messing about” at the ready, he soon called up the correct Chris, with the face that’s all there, and awarded him his prize. Couldn’t have gone to a better person, really, he seemed to be really interested in 24, so I’m glad he won.

The Golden Hour
So for the next hour, we get the treat of having Chris choose all the records, and to be honest, I quite liked most of the songs, a few in there I wouldn’t have chosen. But I was happy when he played the Gorillaz song, that remix is just cool, Jamiroquai was another good choice.

Jo Whiley live from Newquay
Jo Whiley live, from Newquay, was talking about her weekend so far, and what’s to come later on. Chris and Dave seemed to like looking at the recently uploaded pictures of Jo Whiley on the Radio 1 website in her swimsuit learning to surf, and quickly began asking questions about Jo Whiley’s surf instructor they think looks like the main girl from the movie Fantastic 4.

Chris cant trust himself to say the location of where Jo actually is, that being Fistral Beach, he seems to think he’ll just uncontrollably make a joke out of it, so Dave is having the responsible task of speaking the word “Fistral” when required.

More Aled
With Aled still in Lincoln, he had only a short while to get rid of the final few t-shirts he had, and there were more people there than t-shirts in stock. So he quickly devised a small game where Chris and Dave chose a number, and the person who had that number allocated to them by Aled won the T-Shirt, easy. Elisia won one Shirt, and Vicky won the other shirt.

Final Piece
Chris runs a re-make of an old song by the team for their general opinion of it, apparently the record has been “brought bang up to date” The record in question? Nick Kershaw - Wouldn’t it be good. Remixed by Disco Thieves, Dom humorously says “very true to the original” meanwhile Dave decided its rubbish, as does Rachael.

With the final song of the day dedicated our little trooper Aled who’s bared the cold and rain for the sake of comedy, Aero smith - Dude (Looks like a lady) takes us out of the show, and closes my review for today. I hope you liked my first review, I look forward to writing next weeks. Thanks for reading.

Oh, and let me just also say, Happy Birthday Rachael’s Dad!

Some things just don’t work, they gave it a go. 1 […]