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By Chris
1. White Stripes - My Doorbell, 2. Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl, 3. Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot, 4. Gorillaz feat. Sean Ryder - Dare, 5. Greenday - Holiday, 6. Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama, 7. Roll Deep – Avenue, 8. Strokes – Last Night, 9. Tupac feat. Elton John – Ghetto Gospel, 10. Simon Webb-Lay Your Hands, 11. Natasha Bedingfield – These Words, 12. Keane – This Is The Last Time, 13. James – Come Home (tedious link), 14. Jay Kay – Seven Days In Sunny June, 15. Coldplay – Fix You, 16. Oasis – The Importance Of Being Idle.

Gud Mornin’
Dave’s favourite BB contestant is in and the pips go at 6:58? Or is it 7:00.

New Feature
Just after the seven o'clock news sleeping patterns become the top matter and during of which they reminisce back to the early years a new feature is devised but as of such is not part of the show: Chris Sleeps (Chris sleeps during half hour of the show during pure music).

Multimedia Radio 1
Adam Curry the pod cast father is what Barry Norman is to films according to Dave as pod casting turns up again since they are on trial and during which a message arrived in the studio. Someone had nearly fallen off their treadmill whilst hearing about hobbit-feet Dave. Also remember, as well as the podcast, to visit 'Barge - Episode 1', 'Saviour City', listen again to Dave calling himself an idiot and when 'Dave met the bear' all on Radio 1 interactive, a fully multi-media platform. We (well I did) found out somehow only Chris has managed to complete Saviour City after all of us seemed to have finished it.

Remember for pod cast feedback please send the word 'Trousers' if you've downloaded the pod cast and 'Socks' if you don't have a clue about them.

Other News
Richard Hammonds got pauses and so does Paul McKenna. They both also share the words local and radio. ‘And remember to avoid crashing into anybodies car in the first place’.

Chris wants to buy a Segues after using it at Jay Kays but are they load-regal?

Dave asks what Nutmeg is spurring a number of pun styles: Football term, Spice, A witch and her cat (Meg & Mog), or Megan at Radio 1. It’s also sort-of a nut.

Daves Cunning Plan – Fabulous, Baby-doll Bingo
When Kemal comes in he'll have two favourite words: Baby-doll, and Bingo, and Fabulous.
The team had to predict the number of times Kemal will say the words in the interview:

Table of predictions
Tony: 8 Baby-doll, 3 Fabulous
Joss: 11 Baby-doll, 6 Fabulous
Chris: 6 Baby-doll, 5 Fabulous
Dominic: 14 Baby-doll, 3 Fabulous
Carrie: 9 Baby-doll, 7 Fabulous
Rachel: 10 Baby-doll, 13 Fabulous
Dave: 4 Baby-doll, 5 Fabulous

Whoever wins this WINS.
(See how some of the game went below)

Results: 7 Baby-doll, 11 Fabulous
Chris Wins, Rachel wins Fabulous, Joss wins cumulative.

‘Big Brother’ Update

Orlaith’s Your Call
Orlaith's flirt divert was obviously scripted as Chris proved he knew what he was doing and Mills is trying to promote himself with it. Chris also wishes for everyone to flood Scott’s gates with Village People songs on 'Your Call'.

Kemal is banned from Motor Sport
There is no cigarette advertising at next years formula 1.
Segues are probably weird to see but environmentally sound. It’s hard to describe but Chris has a scooter like rich yuppies, Dave compares it to a stepper from a gym and Carrie is being intelligent - gyroscopic thing with movement and balance.

Kemal Part 1 and Baby-Doll Bingo Begins
Kemals afro is discussed – 1 Fabulous
Kemal finds the game – 2 Fabulous
Kemals exit from the house – 1 Fabulous
Makosi’s relationship – 2 Baby-doll
End of Part 1 is 4 Baby-dolls and 4 Fabulous.

Part 2 it continues
Rap Task – 1 Fabulous
Staring Through The Glass – 1 Fabulous
Kemals Book – 1 Fabulous
Kemal Will Be Around – 1 Baby-doll

Usual Features

Ramble – Kemal
Chris and his team were apparently in the Big Brother house with Task-Man and Chris was annoyed with him at the wrong pronounciation of Chris. This was until today and realising it was Task Man, has given him forgiveness.
The word ‘juge’ is spelt ‘j’, ‘u’, ‘g’ with an accent, and ‘e’.

Aleds created a Derek remix with Gina G and Kemal thinks its good and this has brought Aled a problem.
Kemal got 3 drum rolls which for a show guest is pretty damn good and therefore Chris thinks Kemal could do the midweek lottery, it needs more jugeing. Kemalagrams for 2 grand a shot. Maybe for Aleds birthday in 2 weeks time and all the love is rubbing off on Chris as a ‘Star Kiss’ is going from Chris, via. Kemal to Dermot on BBLB.

And Andy Peters is Kemal.

Rob DJ’s Monday Night Pub Quiz
As this is my first review the scores stand as follows:
<table><tr><td width=25%></td>
<td> W2 </td>
<td> W3 </td></tr>
<tr> <td> 1. Carrie </td>
<td> 7 </td>
<td> 11 </td> </tr>
<td> 2. Chris </td>
<td> 6 </td>
<td> 8 </td> </td>
<tr> <td> 3. Dom </td>
<td> 6 </td>
<td> 8 </td> </tr>
<tr> <td> 4. Dave </td>
<td> 5 </td>
<td> 8 </td> </tr>
*Aled Doesn’t Count as only been in for one round.

Q1. (Doms Cheating) What is the capital of Peru?

Dave: ‘Its where Paddington bear comes from?’
Chris: ‘No, he comes from darkest Peru.’
Rachel: ‘Same place isn’t it?’
Chris: ‘No, there is lightest Peru and there is darkest Peru.’
Rachel: ‘Is there medium Peru as well?’

Q2. Who wrote the novel ‘Jane Ayer?’
Q3. Which chess piece can only move diagonally?
Q4. Which everyday item was invented by Thomas Sullivan in 1904 in New York?

Rachel: ‘Its a major part of your life.’
Chris: ‘Is it a pizza, curry or Carling Black Label?’

The team decides on a clue: this item is found in the kitchen and is usually thrown away.

Dave’s Answer: ‘Condoms’. Chris describes Daves kitchen, it is fitted like a public toilet.

Q5. What is 78% of 850?

A1. Lima – (All bar Chris)
A2. Charlotte Bronte – (Carrie)
A3. Bishop – (All bar Dave & Chris)
A4. Teabag – (All)
A5. 663 – (Dave & Chris)

One Road Travel
It’s Fat Tuesday.
Bridge Maintenance on the A338 in Oxfordshire.

Yesterdays Weather With Dominic Burns
Warmest – Ross on Wye – 23C
Coolest – Lower Wick – 13C
Wettest – Wisley – 29.6mm
!Frank Bruno and Ellen McArthur like it! Do you?
Dame Judi Dench and Ronald McDonald like it! Do you?

Tuesdays Gossip
Stars unite to battle burglars.
Chris and Billie Evans have formed a neighbourhood watch scheme? Arse!
The Beatles have also split up.

Car-Park Catchphrase
Good Morning Baby-Doll Fans.

1. Richard from Wolves - His job is to ask how many times people can say KC, Hob Nobs and McVities and give away ‘stock’.
Paul Micock.
2. Kieran from Glasgow - Footballer from St Johnstones.
Ivor Ginger Dover and Ivor Ginger Bullocks.

The team wants Kieran to win (4:3). Making the final score – 1:2.
‘It’s the way the cookie crumbles’ was chucked down Richards phone when he lost and he put down his phone before Chris. Kieran wins a Roy Walker T-Shirt and maybe the title of ‘Official Scottish Footballer’.

Some things just don’t work, they gave it a go. 1 […]