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By Chris
Let me start with saying that the team's holiday did them good, today's show was by far the best show I've heard and reviewed in ages, if you didn't hear it then the review follows:

1. The bravery – A honest mistake 7:00 NEWS 2. Basement jaxx – plug it in 3. Hard-Fi - Hard to Beat Lyrics 4. Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down The Days 7:30 NEWS 5. Coldplay – talk 6. Liberty X – just a little 7. James Blunt - You're Beautiful 8. Destiny's Child – Bootylicious 8:00 NEWS 9. Charlotte church – crazy chick 10. Layo & Bushwacka-Love Story 11. The White Stripes – my doorbell 12. Lemar – if there's any justice 8:30 NEWS 13. 2PAC - Ghetto Gospel 14. Maximo Park - Going Missing 15. Gorillaz - feel good inc. 16. roll deep - heartache avenue 17. TEDIOUS LINK: Stone Roses – Waterfall 18. Deep dish – say hello 19. Akon – Bananza 20. Razorlight – Somewhere Else 9:30 NEWS 21. Stereophonics – Superman 22. Jamiroquai - Seven Days 23. Joss Stone – don't you want to ride.

Today's show was the first show going live to America on Sirius, well it was meant to, but there was a problem and we now know that it didn't work for some unknown reason. The effort was defiantly there. The start of the bravery track was introduced by Mr. Paul Turner with a list of countries in the world that the show broadcasts to, finishing off with “for a full list of countries that listens to the Chris Moyles show on radio 1 pop along to any good book shop and buy yourself a Atlas” which was perfectly back timed to the everlong into.
The pips were broken, “they were more of a tone than pips” says Dave. Chris also mentions that he'd forgotten his password, so he was going to call a sick Joce to ask his password. The time checks have now been made incredibly difficult due to the show starting at between 4 and 9 in the morning.
For the Geeks out there Chris started using a new bed today described as “a bit of fun”. More chat was also about how all this US satellite radio works, mostly the time difference, but the whole America is spread over several time zones and the delay in broadcast made my head hurt. The team decided to ignore America's time checks and just to Carrie on as normal.
Going on about the new bed again Dave described it as “very summery”, and then said that it was “quite bright”, and reminds him of the old days on radio 1.
There was some chat about where the team went on holiday, Dave went to isle of man and the south of France(not at the same time). Chris went to camber sands, which featured a hut in the middle of no ware. Chris then went to Hastings which he described as “going back in time”. He then went to Brighton for a night then came back home.
Chris replayed Scott's “celebrity time check” feature, unfortunately it didn't work and he got through to his answer phone, Chris said “it's best to pre-record these features”. Another attempt went successfully, Scott didn't quite understand it and gave mallorca time as well, much more entertaining than Scott's version(as that worked).
Dom had a way of getting the 100% correct weather at 8 AM. This turned out to called “Yesterdays weather” which is exactly what it says on the tin it's yesterday's weather today, it's the only time Dom's weather is actually correct. The jingle was as entertaining as the new “one road travel” jingle, it goes “whoosh whoosh, yesterday's weather with Dominic Byrne”. Other ideas were thrown around including “last seasons sport”.
Chris mentioned the story in the news and said “I'd like to apologise for sleeping with my nanny too” and Dave replied with “but yours was a nanny goat” What a way to get back on air! Another random entertaining moment.
There was more big brother stuff on the show again mostly about the evictees, boring really luckily a 747 went past halfway through. Aled gave a half eaten jaffa cake to the evictee. Chris said to get her to say “write the theme tune sing the theme tune” as she has the same voice.
Chris reckons that Chelsea should sign Dom for a million seeing as they have “Money to burn” just for a laugh.
Radio 1's summer Friday thing was chatted with Scott Mills who kicked it off with a show in mallorca on Friday, Chris could hear Laura laughing in the background so Chris decided to play “plane roulette”. This friday Chris is live from a canal boat, what a contrast to going to sunny mallorca.
Chris had a new feature as well this morning, Chris's entertainment news. News included: Robbie's 4 new movies, Scooby doo, magic roundabout, bag pus and Mr. Benn. Uma Thereman and Scott's love for each other: they have two kids. Outkast's review of Johnny Vegas new TV show, he hates it.
As the team are going on a narrow/canal boat on friday Chris suggests that they should get a comedy air horn to scare all the oldies that are usually on canals. Chris also suggests that he should sit there flashing the V's at all the passers by.
Chris had a tape about canal boating with the most boring man that I've ever heard, who fluffed their words. Which quickly propted the following line.
Chris: “I don't like you i'm off!” (cue slow engine sound effect)
Boring Man1: “What about seeing your friends?”
Boring Man2: “What friends?”
Chris also managed to get some disturbing music most notibly the theme to Rosie and Jim. There was also some splashing at the end which Dave asked what it was and Chris replied:
Chris: “thats Rosie and Jim drowing .. in a lock”

Lets Get Ready To Ramble!</a>
Topics include: Dave's voice, Dippy Big brother contestants, and more big brother stuff. The rest (big brother stuff) was truly boring.

[u]Carpark Catchphrase

Good morning carpark fans!
Roy Walker sounds quite odd on these new clips, possible tipsy/with a hangover? And has some rather rude named friends. He actually sounds like a dirty old man.
Please welcome on line one it's: Darren from Grimbsy. Roy has a friend named Ben Dover that lives there. Ahh the old ones still make you laugh.(1)
And on line two its: Adam from baisingstoke. Roy has a friend name Ginger, Dover although Chris perswaded Roy to tell us her real name which was Ginger Bush, This was a hilarious bit of rude radio.(2)
Catchphrase: Bob's you're uncle, pull the wool over you're eyes, mutton dressed as lamb.
And now its that time of day to let Roy tell us: “Say goodbye Mr. Fish, He's Waving!”

Some things just don’t work, they gave it a go. 1 […]