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Quite a good couple of weeks for Mr.Mills on breakfast these past two weeks. Didn't listen everyday, but in my opinion he suits the slot a lot more than Chris, because I don't think Chris's style of radio suits the rigid Breakfast structure. Anyway that's beside the point. Highlights included…

[*]Celebrity Time Check, which involved ringing up minor celebrities to…erm… announce the time. Good news for all fans of Craig from Big Brother 1 and Bo' Selecta! fame.

[*]The return of Rate My Listener, and in the second week it turned into a lot more interesting "Rate My Swimwear".

[*] Flirt Divert also continued with the added mileage that there is now an international version - Guuuuuuuuuuten Morgen

[*] Quite a few celebs were on the show - including Mariah Carey. These celebs were given a "Star Phone" which Scott would periodically phone to find out what they were up to. Then they had to pass it onto another celeb. At least, that's the idea, it was all clearly pre-recorded.

[*] On the last day, Scott & Co went abroad to Magaluff for Radio 1's summer Friday thing. The best part of that was the legend that is Westwood dissing the legend that isn't DJ Sammy.

[*] Of course there were some new jingles too, a selection below

"Welcome everybody to The Chris Moyles Show,
But there's no Chris today as you may already know,
He's gone away on holiday, which he does quite a lot,
It's all gonna be okay though 'cos instead we've got Scott
The Chris Moyles Show with Scott Mills 'cos Chris is on Holiday… National Radio 1..."

"Hello to the UK from your DJ Scott Mills,
Moylesy is off again so in jumps Scott to fill,
Mr all inclusive, Chris has gone away,
You know he really loves the all-you-can-eat buffet.
The Chris Moyles Show with Scott Mills 'cos Chris is on Holiday… National Radio 1..."

"We went to Stansted yesterday to catch a big jet plane,
We've gone on our travels, off to sunny Spain,
We're not at Radio One today, we're at Magaluff,
And were you aware that Scott's actually… very talented,
The Chris Moyles Show with Scott Mills in Majorca… National Radio 1..."

If you want more detailed Mills info - why not visit the brilliant Unofficial Mills.

As for Chris, don't forget to tune in tomorrow at 6:55 as the Radio Revolution continues, with the reviews up on this page soon to follow

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