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By Chris
1. The Killers - Mr.Brightside 7:00 NEWSBEAT 2. Eric Pridz - Call On Me 3. Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat 4. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc 5. Beyonce - Crazy in Love 7:30 NEWSBEAT 6. Spiller - Grovejet (If This Ain't Love) 7. Kanye West - Diamonds From Sierra Leone 8. Feeder - Pushing The Senses 8:00 NEWSBEAT 9. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head 10. Bobby Valentino - Slow Down 11. Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends 8:30 NEWSBEAT 12. U2 - City Of Blinding Lights 13. The Coral - Pass It On 14. Outkast - Roses 15. N.E.R.D - Rock Star (Tedious Link) 16. Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick 17. Eminem - Ass Like That 18. Deep Dish - Say Hello 9:30 NEWSBEAT 19. Lost Prophets - Last Summer 20. Mariah Carey - We Belong Together 21. Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should

Chris was loving the end of Nemone's show today, with the great non-local radio esq "Phrase that pays" for Live 8 competition. The dozy twonk got it wrong, with no doubt hilarious non-ticket winning consequences. Luckily though, it's a radio 1 competition that runs all day long, and goodness knows that everybody loves those. So expect some more idiots ringing up later on in today's show.

Chris Passes the Buck and The Moyles Team Grand Prix

A lovely surprise for Chris today, although the team didn't big it up too much incase he was too disappointed (although Aled was quite excited about the whole affair) and thus hiding the big reveal in the less than popular 7-7:30 slot of the show, rather than the primetime which is just after 8. So, with the lack of a drumroll, Chris whacked on some "tension" music and Rachel drew the blinds to the surprise which was in the next door studio…

Rachel: You may turn round noo..
Dave: Noo? Beautifully executed Rachel!
Chris: What the hell is that?
Rachel: I thought you might say that

It was in fact the deer's head featured in the secret room in the Big Brother house, which has many uses, such as telling us to avoid deer feed in the forest (which I believe goes without saying) before singing Suspicious Minds by Elvis, which lead to an outburst of laughter and confusion by the team. That isn't it's only use though, although personally I wouldn't want anything else except that from the head of an animal, as you can talk in a microphone and it will come out of the stag as if he is really saying it - which may of you will have seen on BB anyway. With Joce doing all the talking though, it isn't really convincing since she doesn't really sound Stag-like.


Although, if you think about it - Joce or not - it doesn't really work at all on the radio, since it's a highly visual concept. One of the upsides of it being in a different studio though is that they can turn the fader down at any time so we at home don't have to hear its cheesy lines tediously linked (although not in a Dave way) to songs. The team still have to look it singing in silence though, which they assure us is weirder than having a Stag who can talk in the first place. Of course the ultimate in weird came when Dom did 'One Road Travel' as the stag, but this being radio it didn't really work for us out here in listener land.

There were racetrack antics later in the show, as it was reported back how well the team did in yesterday's second annual Chris Moyles Mini Grand Prix (who would have believed them when they told us it was the first annual one last year). There was a bit of stuff beforehand, with how the team were feeling - Richard (an engineer who won it last year) was taking it a bit too seriously with all his talk about sitting first on the grid via qualifying, while Jules was too busy sounding like she was sitting on a washing machine to sound anywhere near serious and Joss can't even drive, which I would think is a key skill in a Grand Prix.


So the positions on the grid were like this - Richard was 1st, 2nd was Moyles himself, followed by Chappers (seasoned member of the <s>Scott Mills</s> Chris Moyles Team), Comedy Dave, Juliet with Joce bringing up the rear…gooooooood mornin'! Aled did the commentary for the event, but I feel you don't really get the whole experience, and much like the Stag feature earlier in the morning it's something which the Team enjoy more than you do, due to the lack of visuals. Don't get me wrong, it can be funny - in a "laugh along with us" kind of way, but it's by no means the best radio that they are capable of.

Final Results
1st Dave
2nd Chappers
3rd Chris
4th Richard
5th Jules
6th Joce


Other Stuff on Today's show

(*)Chris applauds Jules for her last 7am sports bulletin, until he realises that she'll be back tomorrow and today is in fact Thursday, rather than Friday.

(*)Lots of Live 8 stuff, such as where to find big screens to watch it on in cities - although why just watch it at home you saddos? Chris also did the "Phrase that Pays" competition that was mentioned earlier, but that's wasn't too interesting for prime time radio. They won in case you were that bothered.

(*) The feature I hate the most - yes even more than Whattity What - Rob DJ's Pub Quiz. I'm not reviewing that, sorry Quiz Fans.

(*) Dave has a go at Chris's feet, since he has to go and see the foot doctor at 5:15 today (annoying, since his day is usually over by 1) - but Chris gets his own back by stating that Dave's foot has more hair on it than on Dom's head, which is a bit harsh on old Dom I feel.

(*) Charlotte Church recorded a couple of messages on Jo's show yesterday to tell him to stop picking on Aled and doing crap impressions of her.

(*) Aled was shot at twice when he lived in Swansea - he's Wales's 50 cent. A real Mother Hubbard as Dave said

Tedious Link

Cast - 'Fine Time' - Cast were lead by Curly haired frontman John Power - Power Station were a mid 80's music project featuring John and Andy Taylor from Duran Duran, with the late Robert Palmer on vocals - Robert Palmers everlasting image comes from his 'Addicted to Love' video where his band has all those heavily made up models - models are something that you might build yourself, such as model planes which have become something of an obsession for Vernon Kay - Vernon Kay is from Bolton and is a big fan of Big Sam - Sam Aledie (?) shares the same first name as Australian actor Sam Neil who starred in 'Jurrasic Park' and 'Dead Con' also starring Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane - Billy Zane is now the celebrity beau of Kelly Brook who just spend 5 weeks working on Celebrity Love Island with Patrick Kielty - Patrick Keilty used to do a show called Stupid Punts - Punts are something you'd expect to see in the river in Cambridge - Cambridge University is a place where you would expect to find a lot of computers - Computers use a hard disk, but you can transfer information from one computer to another using a floppy disk - if you were interested in Computers when you were at school when Dave was a lad, you were considered to be something of a nerd, which links us to N.E.R.D - 'Rock Star'

Carpark Catchprase
Chris (2) beat
Hazel (0)

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