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By Chris
1. Stereophonics – Dakota 7:00 NEWS 2. Lady Marmalade lyrics 3. Green Day – Wake me up when September ends 4. Basement Jaxx – You don't know me 5. The White Stripes – Seven nation army 7:30 NEWS 6. Elton John – Are you ready(for love)? 7. Jem – Just a ride 8. 2 Pac feat Elton John – Ghetto gospel 9. Folk face live @ Glastonbury – A tribute to Glastonbury 8:00 NEWS 10. Lee-Cabrera - Shake It (Move A Little Closer) 11. Charlotte Church – Crazy Chick 12. Kaiser chiefs – Oh my God 8:30 NEWS 13. Razorlight - Golden touch 14. Mariah Carey – We belong together 15. Black eyed peas – Don't phunk with my heart 16. TEDIOUS LINK: U2 – Desire 17. Joss Stone – Don't Cha Wanna Ride 18. Martin Solveig – Everybody 19. Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should 9:30 NEWS 20. The killers live @ glastonbury – Mr. Brightside 21. Kellis – trick me 22. Inaya Day - Nasty Girl

Today's show kicked off with Chris doing a farmer/summerset accent, seeing as he went to Glastonbury, highlights include Rachel not having a was or a shower all weekend, which Chris claimed “but that's the weekend”. Chris actually liked Glastonbury, but claimed much of it wasn't his thing, but he still liked it. After the storms on Friday(which Chris had to cover for Jo Whiley till 12:15) involving mud and rivers in the fields, Chris had got a sun tan. Also Carrie was off this week, Which meant that the previous sport lady, Juillet was covering for her. Dom went performing at Glastonbury on Sunday, as the duo, Folk face in the jazz lounge, not the jazz stage. Aled wasn't in first thing this morning, he also hadn't been to glasto, seeing as he had to be at the big brother press conference.
Dave: “we saw Coldplay from the top of a transit van, then a porta loo”
Dave, when playing, had a mining hat on. And was cheered by the head of mainstream radio 1 by shouting “Your rubbish!”on the top of his voice. Chris had the pleasure of saying that The crazy frog was no longer number 1, he was knocked off by 2 Pac & Elton John. Chris had met “The Doctor/Doctor Who” (aka. David Tenant in real life) Chris managed to do the “Knock Knock” joke, he was the first one to say that. Big brother chat was interrupted by a flying 747, no loss really other that Chris called Kinga a rough old tart, that the evictee kept flirting with Aled, that a really geeky person went into big brother yesterday, and that Aled was on Big Brothers Little Brother which sent his ego into overdrive. Folk face were really popular this morning, Chris wanted it to be Your call most wanted every day this week, There were also plenty of photos on-line of Folk face with comical captions. A debate went on afterwards about what the Glastonbury field normally looks like, with Dave asking “What's normal”. Aled was on the last eppisode of 24 on Sky one last night, which it may not be him though. Chris wanted to know what happened on the BBC Three coverage of Glasto last night, apparently one of the guests had a bit of a strop.
On Friday Dom had a call asking for a interview with Rachel from BBC Hereford and wostershire, while on a bus, they had a bit of a drink each, leading to a bit of a embasasing situation. While on the air, Rachel wanted Dom to speak for no apparent reason, Dom went on that he's stuck in traffic and that it's cloudy. A game started of “how many people can we get on air” Dom then passed the phone to Dave(without saying anything), who then passed the phone to Chris, who then passes the phone to Joce, who then passes back to Rachel. The presenter is then as confused as Dom and Rachel are tipsy.
Chris had a moan about the editing department claimin that they just quickly fade out all the tracks. A mini-Moyles update came today, with sound effects and voices, which were basicly Aled sped up Chris claimed it then sounded like the voice of the Akon track(lonely), 70,000 people had downloaded it, which allowed users to change the show in a unique way each day over the week. Dom got progressivly worse over the morning. More playing with BB dereks clips. Gags ended the show about Jo whiley not getting on air, Chris asks “is the studio flooded?”

Lets get ready to ramble!!
On Today's ramble: Many tedious mistakes, Big brother's Roberto on the show to chat about Big brother and other stuff, Chris hates kids.

carpark catchphrase
Good morning carpark fans!
Please welcome on line one its: Johnny from Northen Irland(sorry did't catch the name of the place).(1)
and on line two its: Helen from Chesterfield.(1)
catchphrases: what goes arround comes arround, dont get you knickers in a twist, spitting feathers.

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