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By Chris
Jay. Z- 99 Problems; NEWSBEAT; Coldplay- Speed Of Sound; Britney Spears- Toxic; Ianaya Day- Nasty Girl; Green Day- American Idiot; NEWSBEAT; DJ Sammy- Heaven; John Legend- Ordinary People (Johnny Douglas edit); Feeder- Pushing The Senses; NEWSBEAT; Oasis- Live Forever; Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Girl; Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc.; Foo Fighters- Best Of You; Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake- Signs; TEDIOUS LINK; Ash- Girl From Mars; Basement Jaxx- Bingo Bango; Killers- Mr. Brightside; Ian Brown- FEAR; The La's- There She Goes; NEWSBEAT; Primal Scream; Keane- This Is The Last Time; Jools Holland- Well Alright; Fatboy Slim- Praise You; Kaiser Chiefs- Oh My God; Hayseed Dixie- Roses

Firsty, apologies for the lack of review last week- but it's exam season, and once it's over, I'll post the completed review.


So, welcome to another Moyles Friday, and Glastonbury is just around the corner, and Chris and Dave are getting themselves prepared for the weather. All hopes that it's going to be hot are dissolved when it's revealed storms are on the way....big storms. It was hot yesterday, but naturally, it's tipping it down in the West Country. Welly boots at the ready- size 9 and 10's if anyone's got them, please. As in one pair of 9's, and one pair of 10's; Dave hasn't got different sized feet, of course.
Talking of hot weather, it was so hot last night, Chris was forced out of his house and into the pub for a few Shandy's- that's the great thing about Shandy, you can have two for the alcohol quantity of one. Meanwhile, Rachel's been growing vegetables in her windowbox recently, despite living in a block of flats- she's growing lettuces in her balcony, so what next? Mushrooms in her bath?

Back to Glastonbury, and comes the shock revelations that FolkFace- yes, that's right, Dave and Dom's folk band complete with bongos- are to play the 'jazz lounge' at Glastonbury on Sunday at 1pm. They haven't got their set sorted yet, but it's bound to feature some classics. Why not go along and show them some support? Maybe wear a FolkFace t-shirt, or alternately heckle them. Whatever floats your boat. But Dave's worried about all this torrential rain being threatened in the West Country, and over Glasto; hopefully they won't get washed away.
On more Glasto-related features, Vicky, who won ten pairs of tickets to the event on the Chart Show with the Chuckle Brothers, is on to try and battle it out in order to retain 3 pairs, having lost 2. She's up against Lisa from Norwich, who wants to go to see her boyfriend play drums at some point during the festival. After a few bitchy remarks, it's on with the spectacle, and the question today is 'Name as many Beatles singes as you can.' A very hyper Lisa is the successor and, after a few calming breaths, she's off to pack as Chris commiserates with Vicky, who's now only down to 2 pairs of tickets. Crying shame.

Paul Danan & Lee Sharpe

The show continues at it's lethargic, hot and sunny Friday show mode, until, of course, the appearance of Paul Danan and Lee Sharpe, of Celebrity Love Island 'fame'. It's a good enough interview, undeniably- Paul seems calmer and more coherent than he did during CLI, where as Lee is very quiet, more of an observer to the interview- it's very much all about Paul, of course. Topics covered include Paul and his girls, Paul being a loving person, Paul picking a fight with an Irish ex-nightclub bouncer, SuperDanan and, erm, Lee signing for Leeds. Well, it would be nice. Please.

Carrie's birthday & Our Call

After they've gone, it's time for Tedious, and in honour of the lovely Carrie Davis' birthday, the Wurzel's classic Combine Harvester gets an airing- it's the Somerset connection, y'see. She's dead please, naturally, as it's just the type of song that suits a 42 year old. However, she'd have preferred a Lee Sharpe shuffle. Half time follows, but today there's a slight twist- with the introduction of 'Our Call.' In celebration of Glasto (lest you didn't know), the team are going to choose their favourite songs from acts playing at the festival this year, shout a bit like Scott Mills, crash the vocal like Scott Mills and....yeah, bascially rip up the typical playlist like rebels (although it doesn't seem to be that much different from what we usually hear). Complete with all-new Aled introduced jingles, too. Fancy. Callers include 'Harry' (Dave), 'Della' (Aled), 'Brain' the scaffolder (Dom) and a couple of other badly disguised alias'.

Day 4 of Carrie On Camping- apart from the small technical hitch of it being the wrong mini-disc, of course. So instead they give her some birthday presents, including a pen, a Chris Moyles show excluse script and some other rubbish off the desk. Oh, and a cake. Lovely. She's also presented with a lovely blue Chelsea shirt, complete with old-style badge, as a token of it being her birthday. After some more furious Our Call, and a noticeable lack of Carpark Catchphrase, the show comes to a 'poo-poo-ing' end thanks to Hayseed Dixie, and it's off to join Jo Whiley for the beginning of R1's extensive Glastonbury coverage. Goodbye!

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