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By Chris

Chris had gained an exclusive preview of the new Michael Winner advert. The clip featured a carpet spillage and Michael saying 'Calm down dear! We can claim for it on our insurance policy!' The team thought it was very funny. The advert will be shown during tonight's episode of The Bill. Chris had to play an advert for digital TV featuring Dave Pearce and an old woman. When it had finished Chris said 'What the hell was that?' Dave replied in a Michael Winner voice 'It's a commercial!'
The team made personal commercials for the listeners in honour of the genius that is Michael Winner and his two new commercials being aired tonight. The only criteria was that each one had to have the ‘calm down dear’ phrase in it. The first one was for a bloke called Ryan who had friends over from New Zealand who he hasn’t seen in a couple of years. Then there was an ad for Kelly selling her car, and one advertising an action at a school. To not milk a good thing (yes I know, Chris not wanting to milk something, hope he’s feeling ok) Chris and Dave decided they were going to do some work tonight (nope, they can’t be feeling right can they?) and make up some ads in advance to play tomorrow. At last a new and original feature, happy days! This feature made and will continue to make good listening as long as they don’t over do it which tends to be their habit. Fingers crossed.
Chris said that Dermot O'Dreary had stolen their idea for Re:covered. Chris and Dave said that on Saturday mornings they had bands coming on doing one cover and their current single. Chris said that if he doesnt get royalties, he will go round and dye his hair blue. (Spot the flaw there people)
Dave is staying in tonight to watch the second episode of 40 with Eddie Izzard and Hugo Speer. Chris asked if there was any nudity in it. Will mentioned that they saw Izzards bits in it. They couldnt describe anything else about it. Chris said that he had either Playboy Freeview or that to get his blood pumping. Will is away tonight to see director friend Alison recording her television show.
Chris was sent some Beer and Curry. It was Indian stuff. Aled found it hard to say Rogan Josh. Aled had a Curry Quiz which was hastily set up. Aled had to pronounce the Indian Menu correctly and if he got it wrong, he had to wolf 2 curries down. Aled thought the mild korma was so hot. Chris said that Phil came out of the closet, a private joke that noone but he got. The others thought it wasnt hot at all. To sum the show up, a bit thin on the ground but it wasn't intolerable.

Daves Tedious Link
Take That Back For Good - Back for Good was written by Gary Barlow - Gary shares his surname with Ken Barlow - Ken Barlow is played by William Roache - If you add the word * to roache, you get the * - A * is a creepy crawly with a hard shell - Other creatures which have a shell are mussels and turtles - Turtles rhymes with Birtles as in Gary Birtles who used to play for Forest - Forest Fruits is the name of popular yoghurt flavour - Yoghurt is made of bacteria much like mould - Molde is in north wales as is Wrexham - Wrexham is the birthplace of Tim Vincent - Tim Vincent used to present Blue Peter as did Richard Bacon - Bacon is sold by a butcher - Pat Butcher wears big earrings as do fortune tellers and some fortune tellers, a long long time ago and certainly not the vast majority who operate today who im sure provide an inciteful and value for money service, were whats traditionally known as Charlatans - Which links us to the Charlatans and North Country Boy.

Yeast causes mould, not bacteria
* dont have a shell, they have an exoskeleton

Today's recording is in our shared folder, Ian. […]

He looks so good! Congrats Chris Moyle!