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By Chris
One of Dave's friends got married recently, but he wasn't invited to the wedding, only the reception. Chris said that that'd be because Dave wasn't a close enough friend, but Dave said the wedding was for close family only. Chris was trying to find out how much Dave spent on the wedding present, but Dave wouldn't comment. He thought it'd be rude to talk about money, but Chris thought it was because Dave was too tight fisted to spend much on the wedding present.
The team had Michael Winner on the phone. The ‘calm down dear’ commercials have apparently sold loads of insurance policies for esure. All the Ads were shot outside Michaels house. He used to be a really bad driver; he once crashed through some railings and into someone’s living room. He has written about Chris in his Times column, full of lots of praise apparently. It’s out Sunday if you’re interested.
Chris and Dave played the page 3 game, where Chris reads out the name of a page 3 model and Dave guesses her age. Quite basically, he was rubbish at it. I dont see the point of this game as noone cares. How many people when staring at Page 3 care what age they are.
Will sent Esure an email asking them to contact them for the new advert and said that Esure sent them an email from a PR person called Sam with the words
Oh my gosh, i have an email from Will!!!!!!!!!!! She lives in Rygate. Chris asked how far Rygate was from Will and he said he could do it in 20 minutes, Chris said he knew about that but he was asking how far he was from her. Chris asked Sam to email back to say if they were a man or a woman. Chris said that they could match him up but Will said he was happily in a relationship. Chris asked if he had dumped the ginger then now. Chris was also disappointed no Page 3 girls rang up.
Lynn Peachy said that she saw Comedy Dave Vitty on Sky One lunchtime talking about David Coulthard with a perma-tan. Chris' mum is down again so that means he must have a lot of washing. Chris wanted Dave to take her on a night out. Daves Telly recommendations was the Man Utd VS Real Madrid match, 10pm called 40 starring Eddie Izzard, 11:20pm with The Club starring Sam Fox. There was a talk upon Sam Fox's sexuality with the general consensus saying she was a lesbian. Chris said he watched ITV2 a bit with a fat Scouse biffer getting her boobs out.

Daves Tedious Link
Reef Set The Record Straight - The worlds most famous reef is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia - The indiginous people of Australia are called aborigines - Aborigines play the diggeredoo as does Rolf Harris - Rolf Harris is one of the worlds greatest artists much like Leonardo Da Vinci was in his time - Despite their similar sounding name, Leonardo Da Vinci is not related to Leonardo DiCaprio who is the worlds most fanciable man-boy - Man-boy means much the same as Manchild which was a hit in 1989 for Neneh Cherry - Neneh shares her surname with Trevor Cherry who used to play with Leeds - Leads are used for walking your dog - Dogs have their own calendar system much like the Chinese - The Chinese are big fans of bicycles - The bicycle was first invented in Nottingham by Sir Walter Raleigh* - Rally cars are fitted with specially shaped safety seats to hold the driver in place and provide a type of support which is good for the back - Which leads us predictably to Back For Good by Take That.

*Sir Walter Raleigh was born hundreds of years before the bicycle and he brought back tomatoes and tobacco to England. Frenchman Carl Von Drese invented the bicycle.
Chris is in the news again.

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