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By Chris
I think that's a good point. In the context of a daily show it was understood that he HAD to find something to talk about otherwise there'd be dead air - moaning about everyday things or people was done to fill airtime (to great success), now it's a conscious choice to pick them out.
It was still a poor video, like they all have been. But in my opinion it was one of the better ones.
He needed to respond to the critics, how could he not? It's what he's done all his career.

If I'm honest, I still don't understand the point of the videos. Who's he trying to connect with?
neilt0 wrote:I'm very close to unfollowing Chris on The Tweeter.

How many fugging times does he have to spam each video?

Once is enough. We're already following you, Chris.

I know what you mean. It seems to be every hour that he posts a link to his latest video.
Chris is in the news again.

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