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By Alice
The following files have been added to the SoundVault:

I've Got a Hard One 19.07.2012 [download] - Dom says that he has a hard question for Aled's Million Pound Drop Taster. This ends up in a lot of giggles as Chris keeps playing I've Got a Hard One.

Tina Daheley tries to ignore the team's efforts to put her off [download] - Tina Daheley tries to ignore the team's efforts to put her off while reading the sport on The Chris Moyles Show

Buy Us A Pint 25.11.09 [download] - Chris parody to Take That Hold Up A light.

Aled Swearing 6.09.10 [download] - We then talk about Olly Murs and about Must Be The Music with Fearne. Aled talks about the 6 discs of the show he has for Chris, but it doesn't come out as 6 discs exactly.

Early Chris Moyles 28.07.10 [download] - Chris and the team celebrate 13 years of Chris being on Radio 1 with various clips from his past

Frighten Aled Friday 23.03.07 [download] - In a new feature Chris and the team try and frighten Aled. In this clip Dom uses his coat and a giggle stick.

Aled's dog licks his baileys 25.06.10 [download] - Aled then tells us about the time when his dog licked his baileys.

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