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By Alice
The following files have been added to the SoundVault:

Leaving Announcement, 11.07.12 [download] - Chris announces that the breakfast show is coming to an end.

Dave's Indian Loyalty Card, 04.09.09 [download] - Dave has purchased an Indian takeaway loyalty card for a local curry restaurant - but did he get a good deal?... Thanks go to neilt0 for this clip.

Dave's Indian Loyalty Card part two, 15.09.09 [download] - Chris follows up on the success of the Indian takeaway loyalty scheme that Dave recently purchased. Thanks go to neilt0 for this clip.

Breakfast Show Ending Discussion on Richard Bacon, 11.07.12 [download] - Richard Bacon on his 5 Live show discusses Chris' decision to leave the breakfast show, and interviews Radio 1 boss Ben Cooper and journalist Dan Wootton about the move.

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