Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
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By Chris
Please do try to give us a good indication of the date and time of the particular item you are requesting.

Requesting Sound Clips:

  • Please give the time and date of the clip you request and, where possible, the start and end time of your request. Providing this information allows us to upload your request promptly.
  • Only request clips relating to Chris Moyles and his show
  • We don’t make any guarantees
  • Be grateful and gracious to the people who fill your requests

Requests lodged on this board will be placed in the Sound Vault. Notification of this will appear in your request thread for the benefit of anyone subscribing to the thread.

If you have a large collection, or wish to submit a non-electronic item (cd/dvd/minidisc/cassette) please contact

We will not host, nor allow requests for any clip which is (or will become) commercially available.
Chris's Voice

I haven't really noticed any change to his voice. […]