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By the_dr
You all raved to The Stevotrash Show, sniggered to Because I got Moylesed... now there is a new the_dr track in town :) It's called 'canker girl/hoare cow-genie' and it includes samples from Aphex Twin, Osymyso, Christina, Joe, Countdown Tommy Boyd and our very own Jonny Hoare.<br><br>It was originally meant to be based around Jonny Hoare, after he posted a message asking me to do a remix - but now it's less comedic and more tuneful... see what you think. The end is a bit rough, but some bits are pretty good - ie. the start and the Christina samples.<br><br>canker girl/hoare cow-genie<br><br>Also, check out my newly updated site.
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By Sanjay
Like the title! :) very innovative - if i think that it's what you intended to do with it...
By Guest
..your face<br><br><br>comin wit da bouncin flo dan. still dont like the bit after 1:40 :) except milkman, but that's great anyhow.<br><br><br>you must download this track now.<br>
By the_dr
Your cheques in the post, monkey sir.<br><br>And no Stevo - he doesn't like bagels :)
By nocookiesmonkey
what a back reference :)<br>
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By Lawrie
i tried to see aphex twin on sunday but his little gig got sold out at the barbican.... >:( :(
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By Uglybob
i just dont get aphex twin. yes i wanna say i do and be cool but nope, i just dont like it. <br>also i think massive attack are fine but am i alone in thinking that unfinished sympathy song is really overrated. how can it be described as a dance record. its supposed to have won best ever dance record at some awards bash. and blue monday only was 4th.
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By Sanjay
was that aphex twin?<br><br>as far as i am aware, the over-rated Zero 7 won best group (or something similar) at the Muzik Magazine dance awards - and they said it themselves - they don't really see themselves as part of the dance aura.  That wasn't a direct quote by the way.
By Everlast
Unfinished Sympathy song is well over-rated some people were talking about it being the best song ever
By easty
Best Song Ever, Imagine - John Lennon
By Baza
*singing badly*<br>Imagine all the people......<br> :P
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By Lawrie
instead of seeing aphex twin i went to see Karlheinz stockhausen..the worlds most bizzare musician
By Guest
is that the bloke with the accordian and effects pedals that was on jools holland once?<br>
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By Lawrie
his music is WAY too wierd to be on jools holland! he once made a piece of work which involved 4 musicians in 4 separate helicoptors playing the same piece of music..called "the helicoptor concerto"
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