Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By Tom_Murphy
sorry to use up a topic here, but my MSN is being a dick so i have to do it this way. i'm trying to upload my moyles sound clips from minidisc to computer. i have the phono-phono lead and audiograbber, but when i try and record the computer doesn't pick up any sound. i guess the leads are in the wrong places. can anyone tell me where the leads should go, and be as specific as possible? thanks!
By Tom_Murphy
ok, what hole in the minidis: line out or the headphone socket. and, hypothettically, if the lead was in the line-in on the computer, and you tried to play an mp3, would you hear anything? <P>the reason i ask is i'm not sure which one line-in is, because my computer has pictures instead of words.
By Guest
audiograbber is fine for making mp3's from line in. i dont know about sound forge so i cant comment. you need to select your recording source as "microphone" if you're using the microphone. likewise for "line-in". check the "volume controls" thing i was talking to you about. go to properties and select recording, click ok and click whichever as your recording source. the line in bit for phono leads is on the main unit thing of my computer at the back where all the ports are, like the mouse etc. i just found the hole that fitted. so to speak.
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