Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By Guest
...anyone will be recording Liquid news with Ana and Chappers on tonight?  'Cos if so myself and I'm sure all the other digital deprived lost souls on this board would love to watch it.  *Puts on pleading eyes*.  Please, somebody?
By Guest
You can download it from the video to the computer but you need fancy equipment I think.  Something like that!  :)
By the_dr
You'd need a TV Card, like WinTV. Now quite reasonable (£35+).<P>Or you could record just the sound like you would record radio stuff.<P>the_dr
By Baza
Too late. i dont have fancy equipment and i didnt video it. Sorry.
By Ionic_Storm
Don't they actually repeat it?<P>I thought I remembered watching it early Saturday morning on BBC 1 actually.. I'll look into it.
By Guest
yep. moyles mentioned that today. i never knew! i could've seen either of the dave episodes. damn.
By Guest
cheers H-E  :)<br><br>all i need is a decent avatar and i'm sorted.<br>
By Guest
it wasn't philly before now :)<br>i have some other cool ones for later  8)
By the_dr
The Thurday BBC1 episode is not highlights - they show the weeks best video reports presented by Chris Price and whoever the guests where on the Choice show on Thursday. The other night I posted the url to watch the Ana & Chapers episode - but it was posted on the old board and I forgot to post it again - now it has been replaced by Fridays episode. I also forgot to watch it myself so I can't tell you what happened.
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id very much doubt it to be honest