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By Guest
fantastic. anyone recorded this?<P>ich bin ein dusseldorf hoffmeister?<br>nine und ninezig rose balloon?<br>audi tt?
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By Chris
If anyone got the medley where he played all the calls at the end of the show mail it across (in decent quality if poss) - I'll add it to the vault.<P>Very funny ..
By Guest
but that didn't have the rest of the team ****ing themselves with laughter in the background, which i thought made it even more funny.
I have to admit this was one of the funniest things on the Moyles show for ages.<br>But this proves the point of one of my earlier posts - they are pre-recorded !!!!<br>If anyone recorded the show; check out the one before the song 'Daddy was an alcoholic' - not sure what the song was; not only did the Des call overlap the beginning of the song but it also mysteriously hit the vocal....hmmm,very suspicious.... pre-recorded or setup? that is the question...
By Guest
i wouldn't have thought it was prerecorded. might have been , but they were seemingly all laughing pretty genuinely at the stupidity and impromtuness of it all. and also they kept on doing more when you thought they weren't going to do another. the welsh craig david had to be live, because it was comparitively ****e; although the idea of it was funny. <P>- did i just use the word "impromtuness"?<br>what is the world coming to. . really  <IMG SRC="">
Yeah,I'm not suggesting it was recorded like yesterday - but I think it was probably recorded during the records,like 4-5 minutes before...I swear check out the show - that German woman hnging up the phone hit the vocal - and they wouldn't have known when she would put down the phone,would they?<P>Very funny though - Moyles excelled himself 2day.
By Mike
hmmmm I thought the only one which hit the vocal was the one right at the end?... ((where they were playing most of the phone calls))
No honestly !!!<br>I hope someone recorded it - that'll prove it.
By the_dr
YESSSS!!!!!!!!<P>I really noticed that, so obvious it was a pre record. I got it recorded:<P>*Ring Ring*<br>Blah blah blah<br>(half way through intro for track starts)<br>Blah blah blah<br>*Hang up*<br>(straight into vocal)<P>I'm starting to think more and more of the show is pre-recorded. Bar competitions, Hello I'm Listening, etc I think most calls are pre-records. Speaking of Pre-records, I heard M&L slip a 'sh*t' into their Slim & Shady sketch the other day. With this word being used in the Usher record, by Will ('I dont give a sh*t'), a caller on the U2 competition ('Oh sh*t!') and Cerys from Catatonia - THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF OUR ONCE GREAT NATION'S MORAL DECLINE. <P>Before you know it politicans will be sleeping with prositutes, popstars will be using sex to sell records and music will be littered with profanities!<P>the_dr
By Tom_Murphy
the thing with it being pre-recorded is why would anyone ring up when the show's not on-air, and if they really had just done it 4-5 minutes ago, there would no way be enough time to take the call, decide what to do with it, then manage to edit it perfectly into an exact spot. there's no point in being overly cynical, just enjoy it.
By Mike
If it was pre recorded it'd be too make sure nobody swore etc etc... but it wouldnt take that long to edit - if they bothered editing it - ya know what they do with the newsbeat clips in a couple of secs.
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By gregs
all culshaws calls r pre-records during that day (they always hit the vocal) because when they didn't do one they just got the tape out to pick ur fave. <P>also, when they did the shaggy foneing a taxi and the taxi bloke burped i remember chris askin will if he had cut it out of the final edit. <P>think main reason is for language.<P><br>gregs
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By Matt
They do record most of the calls (bar things like Careoke).<P>I do a lot of editing in my job (and with my DJing). The time it takes is nothing: Switch the desk to aux mode, record the link into what ever audio software, cut the crap off the front and end, play it back with the right back timing - jobs a gooden'.<P>He won't bother editing. If the call is crap, or they swear, he just won't use it.<P>M
By Tom_Murphy
well if we assume that most calls are recorded, that means the case in question would have been easy for him to achieve - knowing the length of the call and the length of the intro he could have timed it perfectly.
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