Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By Baza
Does anyone know where I could download an MP3 of fontier psychiatrist cause I can't find it anywhere and it is BRILLIANT!!!<br>Help.
By the_dr
Oh yea. Sorry Baza, I forgot to send it. Why don't you just get it from WinMX? <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>the_dr
By Lara
i managed to get it off napster b4 it was updated and deleted most of the songs i want...
By David
<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>Thats where i got my copy from?
By Mike
yeh.. Audio Galaxy much better than WinMX  :) WinMX is good and on a 56k 2kb per second faster but with Audio Galaxu I request 20 songs last night.. left the pc on and I woke up this morning to find them all on me pc  :)<P>With WinMX if you downlaod 20 at a time the user you are egtting it from wil get peed off and cut you off  <IMG SRC="">
By the_dr
Personally, I like WinMX - for those hard to find MP3s. For albums I go to <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>the_dr
By Mike
Yeh, WinMX is good for one or two files, but I tend to download songs in bulk once or twice a week so depends what your needs are  :)
By Baza
I just saw the video for Frontier Psychiatrist and it is GREAT!! It's totally crazy! Best video ever!!!!!!!!!
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By Ben_Jammin
where did u see that then?<br>
By Mike
I think the song is complete balls but when you see the video you think differently... If you ever want any songs played watch Smash Hits or something like that on Sky Digi - nobody ever watches it - so you get the video you want straight away!
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