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By Guest
So emma b's on for two weeks. <P>In case you're suffering withdrawl symptoms i've uploaded a show with songs edited out. partly as experimentation for the uploading scam, as it is know colloquially, and partly to help sufferers from "b."<P>you can download it here.  <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>it's a zip file with 20mp3's in it all totaling to about an hour. the file is 11 Mb. so if your worried about the quality or whatever before you commit yourself to such a formidably sized download. here's a small link you can download easily to check.<br> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>  <P><br>- it's last friday's show so you may want to download it and save it for a rainy day. the show wasn't notably great. But chris asking dave "say a rude word", and dave replying "flaps" made me laugh.<P>god it's late. to bed.<P>[This message has been edited by Monkey (edited 17 July 2001).]<p>[This message has been edited by Monkey (edited 17 July 2001).]
By the_dr
Well done Monkey, expect more like this in the next few weeks as we do the uploading scam for real.<P>Right now I need 3 voulenteers, 1 to record the whole show in low-quality 20kbs (like I do) incase my recording mucks up. 2 people will need to record the show onto a minidisc and we can grab the best bits from each show (say 5-10 minutes worth). If anybody wants to voulenteer, contact me and I will tell you all about my plan.<P>the_dr
By Guest
dr -  can you get on yahoo within the next fifteen minutes? if not i'll be around about 8ish. I have one slight adjustment to propose. though it could be arse.
By Guest
anyone want saturday's show? it's almost ready to go. i can set it to upload tomorrow night.<P>also have:<br>tuesday 3rd july.<br>thursday 15th june.<P>hope this goes someway to relieving the stress of emma b, or lack of anything to do when you come home from school/college/work and are knackered.
By Demoose
I recorded all of Moyles show's last week to take to Thailand wiv me - pass the time while travelling! Did you include the interview with Kerys Matthews? That was funny! Moyles: "You have this image of a hard woman, yet your currently eating Jelly tots and have a barbie handbag with you!"<br>Sometimes Moyles is more funny the second time you listen to one of his shows.
By Guest
yep i did demoose. v. good stuff   :).<P> one of the reasons i'm editing all my minidiscs is - other than moyles being away at the moment - so that i can record the edited show back onto minidisc and insert songs of my choice between the links. then i can go on holiday and listen to moyles without having to forward through the frequently poor, though occassionally ok, playlist. nice   <IMG SRC=""><P>ok for magenta and rob i'll upload it tomorrow. <br><p>[This message has been edited by Monkey (edited 18 July 2001).]
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