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By Sanjay
Ok, i've observed many successful businessmen and managers throughout my "career", so to speak, and true to the point, they have worked hard to get where they are (not the study desk  <IMG SRC="">), but their on some big-ass wages and what do they do all day, attend meetings, FOR WHAT?!  JUST TO DELEGATE THE WORK TO SOME OTHER POOR SOD THAT'S ON THE MINIMUN WAGE!<P>And another thing, GP'S, overworked??!  MY ASS ONCE AGAIN!... u go in say you have a stmomach ache, poke a light down your eyeball, write a prescription, to which we can't read the friggin' writing! (my GP anyway!), and the chemists do the rest!  :)  Paperwork??!!  We live in a day where you have computers for that kidna thing!  Dear God...
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By Sanjay
Correction:  Should say "throughout my career", i'll re-phrase that!<P>"Since the age i begain to understand anything at all!"<P>I'm only 16 see  :)
By Baza
Dentists do ****  me off. I just got back from the orthodontists and they've stuck four metal rings around my teeth! I missed Moyles as well!<br> <IMG SRC="">
By winker
How come when I say ****  ( off it is stared out. Yet when I say I'm pissed off it allows it?   Freaky!
By the_dr
Lets try some and see what gets through:<P>**** <br>slagged<br>pissed<br>pisshead<br>**** -poor<br>****a<br>****ed<br>****er<br>smelly-poo<br>******<br>**** <br>shite<br>pissing<br>s****horpe<br>ivabollockoff<P>the_dr
By Guest
we had a topic devoted to this a while ago  :) but it's been suffieicently long enought to try again.<P>the best has to be the dr's copyrighted  :)  "s****horpe"<P>mingeface<br>mother-****er<br>bollocks<br>hairy-****<br>hairy-minge<br>****  shite <br>silly billy<br>
By Guest
THE TRUTH<br>unregistered   posted 24 June 2001 03:22            <br>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>suck my balls hippy!! Will this get censored??<br>**** **** Wank ****** ******* **** Poo ****** Fanny Bullshit Mother****er Ass-rimming uncle-****er **** wee-wee bottom-burp<P>IP:<br>
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By Sanjay
what we doing for an encore?!  :)<P>btw has anyone heard missy elliot bit on Lady Marmalade?  At the end she starts muttering some shite, though in one line, i'm sure she mutters, "MR MINGERHEAD"  :)  anyone with me?<br>
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By magenta
Missy:<br>Christina...(oh Leaeaa Oh)<br>Pink... (Lady Marmalade)<br>Lil’ Kim...(hey Hey! uh uh uh uh...)<br>Mya...(Oh Oh oooo)<br>Rotweiller baby...(baby)<br>Moulin Rouge... (0h)<br>Misdemeanor here...<br>
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By Sanjay
oops... sorry tx!  but still strangely sounds like "MR MINGERHERE" when your not listening properly type thing?...  :)

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