Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By the_dr
WMA is supposed to be smaller file size/same quality. Personally I prefer mp3 - better quality, fast loading, better features (ie ID3).<P>the_dr
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By magenta
thanks  <IMG SRC="">
By SanDimas_Football_Rules!
no problem.
By Guest
Is there anyway of converting a wma to an mp3?
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By Stickyspanner
You can download DbPowerAmp from <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>  and then get the WMA codec - this makes it into WAV or MP3 - your choice  :)<P>Available on my site soon
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By Uglybob
i have a problem, a couple of songs ive downloaded have some noises like bleeps or boops (thats the sorta noise) that ruins the song. what is this, can it be avoided, is it some sort of copyright stamp to make it annoying to the downloader. its really bad that after half an hour im left with a good song ruined by about 6 boops thru the 4 minutes
By the_dr
It's probably been ripped from the cd badly, nothing you can really do appart from attempting to repair it yourself with something like soundforge.<P>the_dr
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