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By Snarf
Anyone know the origins of the background music I hear on the Chris Moyles show? It sounds like the theme to an eighties cartoon, but I can't place it.<P>It was played again today,<P>Thankee,<P>Snarf
By Snarf
A-ha, so it is.<P>Earlier I'd started downloading botp on mp3 through napster but gave up after about 1mb as it wasn't sounding anything like it. Got the right one now though. <P>Thankyou,<P>Snarf<P>
By Snarf
Ah well ummm no,<P>I've found the botp theme, but it's not the jazzed up version I heard on the show.<P>I'm taking this one step at a time  <IMG SRC="">, although the novelty might wear off now I have the original.<P>Snarf
By Mikey
Someone posted the address for the BOTP jazzed up version not so long back.. <A HREF="http://www.something" TARGET=_blank>http://www.something</A>  something. i think... And it was a free download!<P>Cheers
By Snarf
Thanks Mikey, did a search and found it. It's by the cuban boys, there's a link to it on  <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> .<P>By strange coincidence the last song I searched for after hearing it on Radio 1 was also by the cuban boys, the vinyl countdown, played on John Peel's show.<P>They clearly have number 1 potential  <IMG SRC=""><P>Snarf<P><br>
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