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By Lucy_Langley
Does anyone know what the background music is that Chris plays on the show.  Because I really like it
By Lucy_langley
I mean the new one that he is always playing.  With the words on it.  The one at the beginning of the show.
By winker
The new background music is Battle of the Planets. I remember watching that when I was a wee bearn. (Correct my spelling if it's wrong Mr Sticky Spanner)<P>Get ready for launch Seven-sark-Seven.....aaaahhhhh   memories. <P>I nominate Thundercats tv tune for the next background music.
By Mike
So which is the one that starts off 1,2,3,4 ?<P>And there was this one this morning which was dancy type and had some spacey communication thing in the beginning - dont know though I was half asleep...<P>Cheers,<P>Mike
By Lucy_Langley
The one I mean is the one that has all the spacey type talk over it.  ans starts of with either 'Chris Moyles on Radio 1'  or '7 Zark 7'.. The one he metioned in the last link with Patrick.  he said 'battle or fatboy'.  if you could paste the link or upload it.
By Claire
Chros usually just cuts out the crap vocals on a really good song and loops the instrumentals.  I know one of the ones he use is froma really old song, pre - 90's.  Im sure if you E-mail somone that is really up on the show they'll know.  The one your on about goes "1,2,3,4 Bring it back" and he use to one of Jools Hoolands Songs, calle "panis Attack".

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