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By webrichie
Is the Stanta MP3 uncut? the one i got from napster was cut and i wasted ages downloading it
By Kate
Yeah, Chris doesn't put the 'unedited' version out - well, going out at 4-5.45/10-1 he can't really, can he?  <br>The only way you could get it is if Chris gave it ya.<P>xx
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By Roddy
WOAH, wouldn't it be absolutely amazing to hear some swearing, WOOOOOOW, i'd love to have the uncut version!!!!<br>haven't u all got better things to do?
By Guest
You crazy little muddy funster- there's no need to swear- monkey learn that way. Have you ever been bad mouthed by a gibbon- No I thought not........
By stevotrash
....but if the gibbon ever had the opportunity to meet the hoarster......he'd surely be swearing like a japaneese war vetran.

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