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OK People - today I was at a record and cd fair.  And guess what was there?  Yup - thats right - records and cd`s - loads of them!!<P>Anyways - I just happened to be looking down one rack and saw "The Three Amigos - 25 Miles 2001" sitting there, so says I to myself, thats handy.  So, being the kind hearted soul that I am, I bought said CD.<P>There is 3 tracks on it:<P>1 - Radio Edit - 3:00<br>2 - Club Mix - 4:58<br>3 - Instrumental 3:23<P>Now - being the kind hearted soul that I have become, I will MP3 these tracks and have them available for download at a friendly website near you soon.<P>Your search is now over  :)<P> for those of you who have not had a look yet.<P>Gimme a few days - I`ll probably upload em on Sunday so if you dont see them there by Monday then post and ask  :)
Chris's Voice

I haven't really noticed any change to his voice. […]