Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By James
As has been mentioned in the main board. Does anyone have a clue what it's called????
By Steve B
It's by Red and its called "young hearts".<br>i recieved my promo copy today.<br>top tune!!!
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By Nablo.
Can we have some more bed tracks added to the Be Moyles section as there are 4 in there. So can we have some new one's please ;D
By Magicman
Hello all,<br>First time writer, long time reader!<br><br>The bed you are on about is Kerphunk - Phunk Phoolin'<br>It's on the Reef ad and can be downloaded free from their website -<br><br>There's the radio edit and a couple of remixes<br><br>However the radio edit has a dance beat over it - not as good! :(<br><br>Enjoy!<br><br>If anyone has got  the same version as Moyles' bed (without the dance beat) please email me if you can send it as an mp3.<br><br>Many Thanks ;D
By Magicman
Sorry I forgot to mention that it is released on Jan 28th on the Concept Records Label
By Angel
The music you are looking for is by two blokes called kerphunk and i think its called phunk phoolin its not available full stop as far as i know! hope that helps  ;D<br><br>Angel
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