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By WILL i ever love you agai
I really like it when on the show you keep hearing ian van dahls ' will i ever love you again' and all as they play is the will bit. But I can't find it anywhere.
By David
I really don't follow you
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By jpk
it's OK i do!<br><br>When they play Ian Vahn Dahl's new song "Will I", Chris plays "Shut up.." just before he hits the vocal! This gives the desired "Shut up Will" effect<br><br>Get it now DL?
By David
i know about that but not in 1 place does that person mention "Shut Up" in their post
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By jpk
Cool - you didn't seem like an idiot from your other posts - so thanks for clearing that up! I'm the idiot for not seeing the sarcasm!!!<br><br>Easily done!

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