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Hi. Is there a chance of getting a clean and clear version of The House Party theme Chris has been using for the Producer in the kitchen show. Plus any news on the Grandstand Dancey version he used during Euro 08. Cheers
J.E.D wrote:Sorry but i can't hear the stuff you have uploaded to

megaupload dont allow you to stream the music you have to download it.

Dyceman wrote:Hi, is there a chance that I can get a good quality version of the Celebrity Two Word Tango backing song?

i seem to recall a clean one somewhere but ill have to try and find it, give me a while

love sticky
Hello, this is Richard - the jingle singer. I saw your Cheesy Song audio link - I think you called it 'Out Take' or something like that and was intrigued to hear it as, trust me, if by out take you'd meant unbroadcastable then my first thought was, Oh no - my kids are gonna hear these one day and they won't be satisfied with the excuse that nothing else rhymed with James Blunt. There are hundreds of alternative hilarious versions crammed full of expletives safely locked away in a vault somewhere. I'm relieved it wasn't one of those. Or am I :) ?

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for uploading it as I now have a copy. Shame I ballsed it up as it was sounding lovely up to that point.


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