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I would also like to thank NADE & pHx for saving me loads of time for posting some of the jingles & also Console for doing the instructions on how to download from music4, i have added them below.

Console wrote:When you're on the Music4 website, you can put the following code in the address bar (and press enter) and then when you select something to listen to (like 'Morning Moyles - The Day Has Just Begun') it will give you a link to the mp3 instead of playing it:-

Code: Select alljavascript:handleResponse=function() { if(http.readyState == 4){ var response = http.responseText; var update = new Array(); if(response.indexOf('|') != -1) { update = response.split('|'); for(i=0; i<update.length; i++){ key=i; i++; toPut=update[i]; if(toPut.indexOf('flashvars') != -1){ toPut=toPut.replace(/\n/g,"").replace(/\r/g,"").replace(/.*file=/,"").replace(/&.*/,""); toPut="<a href=\""+toPut+"\">"+toPut+"</a>";} document.getElementById(trimString(update[key])).innerHTML = toPut;}}}};void(0)

NB: The above code should all be on one line and if you go to a different page on the Music4 website you'll need to re-enter the code.

NOTE: If anyone hears anything new that doesnt get posted here please give me a shout as its likely i have missed it.

************New Just Added********************

I have been playing around with the out take version of the Cheesy Song and think i have made something that sounds pritty good, but have been messing about with it for hours and now think anything sounds good. Would be greatful if you guys and gals would have a listen and tell me if you think its good enough to stay up or ill take it off again.

Cheesy Song Out Take Mix ... akeMix.mp3

Noels House Party ... eParty.mp3

Newsbeat 08 V2 ... at08V2.mp3

Morning Rock Scotland/Wales V2 ... alesV2.mp3

This Is a version sent to our saviour Chris H by Adrian Dare. Not sure its any different to the insrumental version that i posted ages ago apart from their is a little bit of Sandy singing in the middle. Please correct me if i'm wrong.
Part Instumental Of The Cheesy song ... gTrack.mp3

Cheesy Song Little Bunny Rabbit ... ebunny.mp3



Cheesy Song Instrumental ... ysong2.mp3

Cheesy Song The World Listening ... tening.mp3

Cheesy song Like To Tell A Story ... lStory.mp3

GoodBye 2008 ... ye2008.mp3

Cheesy Song Little Town And City ... wnCity.mp3

Radio 1 Sports Relief Stab ... efStab.mp3

Morning Rock Lang Syne Stab ... neStab.mp3

Today With Ozzy And Sharon ... Sharon.mp3

Today With Sharon And Ozzy ... onOzzy.mp3

Today With Showbiz Royalty Sharon And Ozzy ... onOzzy.mp3

Today With Phil Glenister ... nister.mp3

Today With Gene Hunt ... anHunt.mp3

Good Morning's

Morning Chappers & Dave ... rsDave.mp3

Good Morning Bebo ... ngBebo.mp3

Good Morning Face Book ... ceBook.mp3


Ice Cream ... Creams.mp3

Chappers & Dave Hit The Road ... itRoad.mp3

Chappers & Dave Running Around The UK ... ningUK.mp3

Chris And The Dentist ... entist.mp3

Laugh At Johnny Vaughan ... JonnyV.mp3

Back For 12 More Months ... 12More.mp3

Chris Getting Fitter ... Fitter.mp3

We've Had Our Christmas ... urXmas.mp3

Closing Bed With Tomorrow At 6:30 ... 30Edit.mp3

Used To Start At 7 ... Start7.mp3

We Beat Off Other Shows ... fShows.mp3

Incase You Havent Heard ... tHeard.mp3

Good Morning Scotland ... otland.mp3

Its Very Early ... yEarly.mp3

Try To Have Fun ... aveFun.mp3


Top & Bed's etc

Morning rock Top & Bed Long Version ... edLong.mp3

Morning Retro ... gRetro.mp3

Morning Swing ... gSwing.mp3

Morning Baby ... ngBaby.mp3

Morning Rock ... TopBed.mp3

Newbeat 08 ... beat08.mp3

Added By Nade

Days Of the Week = Monday = Tuesday = Wednesday = Thursday = Friday

Added By pHx

Chris Moyles 2007 - Opener On the BBC -

Chris Moyles 2007 - Opener Mr Moyles -

Chris Moyles 2007 - Opener Birthday Show -

Chris Moyles 2007 - Intro Bed -

Morning Retro -

Morning Swing -

Show Closer Full Mix -

Show Closer Extended Mix -

Show Closer Classical Mix -

Longman Theme Jingle -

Rallyoke 2007 Music

Chris Moyles 2007 - Opener Rallyoke -

Special Occasions

One Of the Show Openers From The Hollywood Trip ... 160908.mp3

Hollywood Moyles Bed ... lesBed.mp3

Hollywood Moyles Stab ... esStab.mp3

Holly Singing Radio 1 ... Radio1.mp3

Sports Relief Poem ... efPoem.mp3

Cheggers Sports Relief Jingle ... Sports.mp3

Birthday Jingles

Cheesy Song Chris Birthday ... isBday.mp3

Justin Jingle 1 ... ustin1.mp3

Justin Jingle 2 ... ustin2.mp3

Alan Jingle 1 ... kAlan1.mp3

Alan Jingle 2 ... kAlan2.mp3

Random Stuff

This is an edit for the morning baby bed i made for my sister thats expecting. It's for use as a ringtone if anyone would like it. ... byEdit.mp3

Looser ... Looser.mp3

As Requested From Preek ... quence.mp3



Oh and not forgetting the Brilliance of Music 4 where there are all the older Jingles


Cheers Sticky

p.s dont forget the praise lol
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