The place where everyone hangs out, chats, gossips, and argues
By Trigger
Yes but did he not say he just wanted to carry on as he is rather than weeing in a bag and forgetting the names of family members?

Evans is just proof of the fact, that...If you talk like them then you will climb the aristocracy with great ease.

Moyles doesn't roll like that, he's much more rock n roll and it's easy to see why radio x is where he belongs.

It's nice to imagine him as an old man but we're just not there yet. Mayo found a good home on 5live. They even let him out for walks sometimes.
Correct me if I'm wrong. But maybe Chris maybe in for the radio 2 gig in 6 or 7 years time.
Wasn't the last 3 radio 1 breakfast presenters before moyles Chris Evans(95-97) Zoe ball (97-00) and Sara Cox (00-03)
Maybe history is repeating itself.
Chris on Kempcast

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