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By ritchie
Was off this morning and put radio 1 on in the kitchen. Nick's Tape was on and it simply reinforced how shit x and the platinum hour are. A great mix of 00s of all styles and some late 90s too, scott mills was in for nick son made it tolerable. I am not ready to be completely cut off from popular culture, and current moyles is not enough to lure me to globals tripe.
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By Frothy Bevvy
Agree, the Platinum Hour doesn't do it for me in the way the Golden Hour or Mills's One-der Years used to excite me. Chris tries his best to enthuse and some of the tracks are good but too many Dad Rock misses and dull 80s chuff unfortunately.
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By Nicola_Red
I do enjoy the Platinum hour usually, and it does seem like X give Chris a lot more freedom than R1 used to do for the Golden Hour. But then when I hear the Nickstape I enjoy that too - Grimmy also seems to have more freedom of genre/era than on the old GH too. Although is it only 30mins now? It used to be 60.

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