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I’ve never seen so much positive feedback from a show like there is on social media following today’s show. Looks like I’m going to have to listen back in full.

Interesting that the shows going on stereo in DAB+ from Friday. It means a retune is required, wonder if they’ll lose listeners.
If you have DAB in the car, it should be fine. Vast majority of digital car radios support DAB+.

If you have an older DAB radio you might not be able to get DAB+ stations - try tuning into Heart 90s, if that doesn’t work it means Radio X won’t work from Friday.
Interesting the amount of people commenting on Twitter and Facebook saying they can’t access Radio X anymore now that it’s gone stereo. I’m personally not affected by the change but it does make me wonder how big of an issue this could be for the station as a whole.

That being said for me either downloading the app or getting the show on demand after is pretty simple. I haven’t actually used a physical radio in quite some time.
I can cope with them discussing I'm A Celeb, but does Chris have to make vaguely transphobic comments about Caitlyn Jenner's hands? I heard two just this morning and I didn't even listen to the whole show. I wonder how his friend Hirsty feels about that...?
d000hg wrote:He doesn't have to do anything. But as we all know Chris hates the gays.

Well, I would argue to anyone that those days are long gone, but perhaps not. (Not that gay and trans are the same thing.)
I'm sorry that I don't have an answer to your problem, but I have wondered if the reason why the show starts with a 50 second jingle is to allow for the slightly different times that alarm clocks will actually switch on. I have a DAB alarm clock now and even that, which is supposed to pick up the time automatically, doesn't switch on at 6.30 exactly.
JayE wrote:Listened to Thursdays open this morning. Was right at the top of the show. Pippa brought up Aled (can’t remember why) and Chris straight away said “he’s on the list as well, and you know why”
Wonder what sparked that then.

On today's show, he was asked by someone what he thought of Radio 1's Who's Got Greg stunt, and he said it was probably Aled's work, then he said hello to Aled. It seemed quite convivial, so maybe they're still pals.
Agreed it was really poor and it was quite clear that Chris wasn't enjoying it. Even during Tom Grennan you can see him on the live feed bored and checking his watch before realising (or being reminded) that he can be seen on the cameras.

The live stream audience peaked at the introduction of some naked cleaners (and viewers got an eyeful which can't have been planned for...) but I found Clinton Baptiste and the cake lady tedious. Ant and Dec could have been good guests were it not for the fact it was quite clear they were just passing through by chance and they had to leave before they said anything of interest.

The reveal for where they were was the biggest anti-climax I've ever heard on the show.

Overall it was a shame, an idea that probably seemed great in theory but didn't work in reality.
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Agreed it was really poor and it was quite clear t[…]