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I still think they were live. Dom and Dave weren't there, and I saw several tweets being read out and people then responding to each other about how they didn't believe it until they had their tweet read out. Yes, of course it could have been set up to get several people to tweet in but it seems very elaborate.
I think sometimes some people on here are guilty of comparing it to the old show. When Pippa came on here a while back she said the same thing.

The fact is that it was always going to be different. Chris is older and more mature than he was and while he has got some of the same audience he would be trying to cater to a new audience and get new listeners. Don't get me wrong, I love the rants and when he gets angry too but it's clearly not him anymore.

I think it took a while for the show to click into gear but it has now and I think it's pretty entertaining. The combination of the 3 who are currently there with Chris is fantastic.

The key thing is who they are going to replace Dave with. I think he really is a key member to the show. I actually think Audio Producer Matt will be a good fit if he wanted it.

Anyway I'm enjoying the show and don't think it's going anywhere for a while.
Drove to work today 7:40 - 8:30; ended up flicking as they were playing * 90s rock and talking about a massage... Meanwhile, Mills was doing a great job of waking me up in the morning, and Sarah Cox was playing "Baby D - Let me be your fantasy" - both sounded far and away better than X.
bmstinton93 wrote:Mills and Cox are both on at the same time this week. As much as I hate to admit it they're both much better.

Couldn't agree more - X sounded tin pot, insular and a bit like the kind of radio Chris used to joke about....
Yeah they didn't make a huge deal and it seemed they didn't say in advance it would be his last show? I'd assumed he finish this Thursday and suddenly he was gone.
Shame as he was a great sport. I actually thought the couple of weeks between announcing his departure and him leaving were really great shows.

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Agreed it's been great lately but this week is struggling, I hate the £1k giveaway as it seems to take an hour's worth of links where it is pure straight radio and no interaction with the team, Chris sounds like a robotic bore and we all know he isn't. Last few weeks have felt so loose but a lot when there was a small team previously Chris has retreated to just picking on Dom, whilst there is humour there it feels forced a lot of the time and I only hope for a new team member soon.
Hey everyone - I'm a new member here (although I've been visiting for a long time) and I've been listening to Chris since he started on The Late Bit on Capital FM.. I've been a huge fan and always listened to as much of Chris' shows as I could over the years, but I've really been struggling with the Radio X show over the last 6 months. Of course I was very excited when he first came back and I listened a lot, but these days I find I'm only listening to about an hour a week, and even then I get bored with it quite easily.

I know people on here have said the show needs more team members and that the adverts disrupt his flow, and I agree with all of that but when Chris was on Capital (which is when I first started listening as I mentioned above) he had adverts throughout his show and he didn't have a big team but he was still hugely entertaining. I know people are also saying its different to the Radio 1 show which I know and I'm not expecting it to be the same, but it just doesn't feel entertaining to me much anymore.. even the podcasts which are supposed to be the best bits of the week aren't that good in my opinion..

I don't think its one thing, but a lot of little things that feel off to me.. and I never thought I'd be saying this but I just don't really want to listen much anymore and that makes me feel sad as I used to love listening so much.

I know it doesn't really matter what we say on here as Chris has said he doesn't really care, but I think they need to re-evaluate what their audience thinks is funny / entertaining and what isn't. I know it sounds simple, but if the show regularly made me laugh like it used to before X, then I'd definitely listen more.. cause at the moment it just doesn't most of the time. Chris is a bit older now, as are a lot of his listeners, but they still mention Pippa snapchatting Dom reading the news a lot of mornings.. I wonder how many of Chris' listeners are on snapchat? I'm certainly not . Also reverse-words, I've seen a lot of people on here say it isn't funny and I completely agree.. I turn off when it comes on. There are more examples I could go through, but I'll leave it there.

I'd like to know what everyone else thinks - anyone agree?
Totally agree with the above - though I feel really sad saying it. I find myself not rushing to turn on TCMS on X, but really enjoying listening to the R1 replays.

Really hope this is just a phase the show is going through.
Glad someone else had the balls to say this, its been dross for the last few months...

1. You are on a tinpot station, stop asking me to market your station... mobile apps etc...

2. Have a * format, i don't care if items are late; just give me some structure to my morning.

3. Don't be the be all and end all - I don't want carte blanche, I'd like to see someone fight the system, not be part of it!

In short, I'd rather Scott Mills atm.
There may be a few. Changes its true the radio one production team were much bigger but they were very effective in the show and on the day to day planning Aled was very good with Rachel appearing to do more the big picture stuff - the show had more drive in it's feel
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