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By potters11

It never gets old!

Some of my best Moyles moments were from their trips following England abroad!
Thanks for remembering this one. I forgot about it.

I don''t think the Scott Mills and Chris Stark alternative World Cup commentary will be as funny as Chris and Dave's commentary.
I will still try to listen if I can watch it online and I don't have to get up at 5am on Friday out here in California.

Is anyone else doing World Cup brackets?

List of World Cup brackets

Fillable World Cup brackets sheet -
By Hawkeye448
It might be ok.

What I found hilarious with Chris and Dave was the really serious BBC event to the eyes but the ears receiving Pizza ordering, yoghurt based puns and talking about how to get grass stains out of clothing.

Scott with no clue about football might just work. I'm going to watch/listen

If theres any justice, Scott will have access to Chris's 'get up, you big girrrrl' jingles
I get the feeling Chris thinks this is serious and it is his big chance to commentate. I hope Scott lightens it up. It won't be like Graham Norton with Eurovision but hope it is good. I also hope I can watch or listen online since no red button across the pond here.
By myloxyloto
The World Cup's here, so scream and cheer, and drink a lot of beer... 8)

Have they actually sent any of the R1 crowd to Brazil this year? Some of my best memories of the Chris Moyles Show were when they went to cover the big football tournaments, though only in Europe even in those days of bigger BBC budgets I guess.

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Chris’ Remix of Pippa?

The track is Strings of Life!