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I'm so glad you all like it :) I think I'm gonna get it in the post on Wed, should give ample time for it to reach Aled and for him to find the right time to show it to Chris and the rest of the team.
I'm not sure if I'm gonna get chance to scan it before it needs to go in the post. But I'll make sure my photos are okay if not.
Nicola_Red wrote: I'll make sure my photos are okay if not.

which ones?! :wink:
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By Termy
Oh my, that does look awesome.
Please tell me that my entry didn't fill up an entire two-page spread?! HAH. I didn't think I wrote that much.

That is absolutely top-par work, as everyone else has said. Thank you very much for your fabulous effort!
Yes it did :) don't worry, some people wrote a lot more than you! And some a lot less. It was nice to get such a variety.
To echo the comments, 'tis very nice Ms Red, good work.
Personally Nic I don't want to see what other people wrote. This book is meant for Chris & the team, not the wider public (Well, us M.O.R.O.N.S. anyway :-) ). It would cheapen it somehow if we all got to see what everybody else put.
Okay. Well, I took photos of every page and emailed them to Chris (harris) yesterday, but the images are so big it took like 5 emails to send them all, so I'm gonna put them in a zip file or something when I get chance. Then anyone who wants them can have them, but I won't send them to anyone without checking first :)

It heartens me to hear Chris mentioning other stuff that people have sent in, cards etc. Makes me think we have a good chance of getting a mention on air.
I could always whack them on my Flickr account for a time - I have a Pro account, so it keeps the original hi-res photos. I would probably prefer stick them on as friends only, so you'd need a Flickr account and to add me as a friend to see them, but Flickr is owned by Yahoo now so it's very easy if you already have a Yahoo account. Alternatively someone else could do similar, but I don't mind doing it.
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By gbm
Nicola_Red wrote:And that's it. Hope everyone likes it (too late now if not!) I'm thinking that I could take pics that make it actually readable and email them to people if they want to see them, rather than clog up a thread with them? Does that sound okay?

It looks awesome Nic, Great work! Well done and thanks to both you and your mum!

Again, to echo others I hope it gets a mention to highlight your good work and make it known there's a community that'll miss the show.

I'd be interested in the readable photos if you get a chance :)
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